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  1. With my stats could i solo bandos, if not i can duo it with my friend but i just want to go boss hunting as i like doing it and what gear should i use for it? I have dreadnips if they would help at all
  2. slim chance if you don't have a password im afraid
  3. I am currently getting about 1.2-1.5m per hour at frost dragons and am looking to increase that as I am saving up for enough money in order to get overloads(it's gonna take a while :3) to start bossing as most good bossing teams require this (and turmoil -_-), i am currently quite a bit off this as i have 8.5m cash so far and have also bought more armour sets and dfs for bosses also so i'd rather not spend anymore money on gear for frost dragons that costs more than a mill. This is my current set-up. Im using a spirit terrorbird familiar :) Equipment Reverence Helm of Neitiznot Amulet of glory Dragonfire Shield Chaotic Rapier Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Ring of Wealth Dragon Boots Obsidian Cape Inventory Lunar Staff Cannonballs Super attack Super defence Super strength Prayer potion x3 Antifire potion Monkfish x15 Cannon Components I use the fairy ring from edgeville to teleport to Mudskipper point and go into the ice dungeon from there, when im done i teleport to Lumbridge to recharge my prayer and then teleport to Edgeville to bank and restock for my next trip, is there anything else i could do to increase money per hour or am i doing all i can?
  4. I want to get 85 herblore in order to be able to make super-antifire potions for various dragons that i want to kill, how much would it cost in order to get that from the cheapest but slowest way to the dearest but fastest way
  5. I am currently on my way to 85 dungeoneering, 82 at the moment and i was wondering how long it would take me to make 20m at frost's with my stats and what i should use, i have a chaotic rapier
  6. Im level 73 dungeoneering now and i'm starting to do occult floors and i'm finding that hardly any people stay in floors at all or ragequit part of the way in. Im not looking for a fulltime clan as im in one but a team that i can dung with through the large floors and who won't ragequit because my exp gain is thinning out as less dungeons are getting completed, I just wanna get my rapier sooner or later :3
  7. I've posted on these forums before about dungeoneering but i've still not got the hang of it. I did a 5:5 large dungeon a bit earlier and it was absolute hell and i got almost nothing(in terms of exp) compared to the 5:1's ive been doing because of the number of deaths that i got and the fact that it was much longer than a 5:1. What difficulty should i do to get the max exp in the least amount of time?
  8. so i should rush 1-20 on c1 then c6 small 20-29 and large for the other 2?
  9. I am heading for a Chaotic rapier as my main runescape goal at the present time, I am currently level 62 dungeoneering and have been soloing small c6's all the way from level 38 for a few days and i have been hearing from people that i should do a few floors 5:5 large for max exp, what i was wondering is what floor should i start doing large's at and whether i should c1 rush most of my floors for maximum exp and then do the large's at the end. My deepest floor is currently 31 but will be 32 next level.
  10. It's not every day that I lower myself to skilling :P but i need to get several skills in order to do the requirement quests for the Temple at Sentissten quest; one of which is 66 theiving which seems to be giving me the most trouble out of the lot, im level 57 at the moment and need to get 66 and want to know the best way to get there without using bandits because they are mildly infuriating. Any help would be appreciated :)
  11. With your levels you should be able to solo some of the big boss monsters e.g Kree'ara and Graador which could make you some very siginificant money if you should get an armadyl hilt or bcp, etc. Another way would be to get your dungeoneering up to level 85 and kill frost dragons for massive profit
  12. thanks very much mate :) EDIT: *mates
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