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  1. GOOD! Very good news for us alchers :D Unless you cut your own logs, alching was very very little profit... It is sad to see why they're dropping though :| Hopefully EoC's anti-botting will soon be on 07scape. Should get a huge ban list for them to work with the second it's implemented.
  2. Awww but it's such a pain to find a yew world that doesn't have 2+ other people already on it.. whereas you can easily find a magic world with only 1 other person :|
  3. Rune axe. I can decide between A) Running back and forth between magics in gnome stronghold, or B) Cutting yews in gnome stronghold, or C) Doing a combination of both by cutting the single magic by the middle bank and the 3 yews nearby. Magics go for ~1.2-1.3k, Yews go for 350-380
  4. I voted "Yes" to everything. I see 07scape as a way for Jagex to say "Wow we [bleep]ed up... Lets go back and start new" Runescape in 2007 was in no way perfect. It's just that the path that Jagex took was so [bleep]ed up that they had to revert. 07scape still needs updates, though. I only see people voting "no" to unids so that they can either merch with them, or scam with them. I liked grimy herbs cause I could easily tell wtf I'm buying without having to deal with the possibility of being scammed, and so that I can easily tell which herbs to pick up while slaying/monster killing. All the other options have ZERO reason to be voted as "No". They're small updates that don't make the game "easymode", they just quality of play updates that need to happen. Don't like the easter event? Don't do it. Don't like a TOGGLE ABILITY to see through roofs? Don't toggle it on. Don't like being able to hit [bleep]ING ENTER TO LOG IN? Don't HIT ENTER Don't like to hit "tab" to respond to friends? Don't hit tab. Don't like right-click-to-reply? Don't reply using right-click. Don't like f2p PKING worlds? Don't go to them. Don't like run-mode remembered? Well, can't really avoid using that one. I see no reason why you wouldn't want it though unless you're of the crowd of "NO 07 SCAPE IS PERFECT NO UPDATES" Don't like left-click on bank booths? Well then how about you right-click then left-click on the banker itself? This update doesn't affect you in any way whatsoever if you don't want it to, so why vote no? The idiots who vote no on these options come off as the type of people who don't want gay marriage either. To me, I couldn't care about these updates (IE: gay marriage) because them being there won't affect me whatsoever. So who cares?
  5. If you were able to buy 83k unids for 100 each and re-sell for 300 each, why should you stop buying them for 100 each?
  6. Coal trucks are best place until you can get into the guild, but from what I hear they are extremely populated...
  7. Jagex has said it's okay as long as your script has a 1:1 input/output ratio. So 1 key moves the mouse, another key clicks, and so on.
  8. Ahhh I was wondering wtf that thing did lol... tyvm
  9. Know any easy way to get the coordinates?
  10. I'm wondering how to right click/left click on locations on my screen. I want to map the clicks to f1-12 so that instead of clicking on the locations on my screen, I can just run my finger across the function keys. Based on what I've read on Jagex's stance towards AHK, it's completely alright to do this as long as 1 click = 1 key press
  11. I'm at ~900k wealth because of merching and fletching....
  12. I was able to safespot find behind the rocks.. Though this wasn't in the latest build so they may have changed it recently
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