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  1. #351 to get it. 99 on 10/07/2007, 120 on 21/07/2015, 200m on 13/12/2015.
  2. Searing Overload is super anti-fire and overload, Brightfire is super anti-fire and prayer renewal.
  3. However, the time to set those bank presets should be negligible as you can set them up before the weekend starts. Yes, but he makes many different potions. Also, I personally have 2 presets, 1 without a portable well and 1 with a portable well. So if you only have the standard 5 presets then he will have to change his presets 20 times. Will take a few minutes, but won´t take too much time.
  4. Just a quick update if people are still wondering about the amount of potions per hour. Using bank presets and portable wells, I just did 1213 potions in 25 minutes and 30 seconds. So that's between 2800 and 2900 potions per hour. This is a speed that's pretty easy to maintain. Overloads are less than that, around 2.5k potions an hour. So you could be done after about 5 hours, factoring in the time it takes you to change your bank presets.
  5. Using portable wells and bank presets, you can do close to 2k an hour at least. I don't remember the exact number anymore, but even overloads were 2k+.
  6. Pretty happy with this :) Standing with my buddy who was with me all the time.
  7. Cool cool, didn't know what it was at first. Pet at 209 kills.
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