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  1. Slayer is, unfortunately, a slower skill to train. In terms of your gear setup, you've got mor ethan you need with the nex sets (power armor) and T90s. You're also more than set with Supreme Ovl Salves. Make sure you're using nex boots/gloves as well, for that extra damage boost, and the Sharpshooter/Runic Accuracy/Brawler Auras increase your accuracy, speeding up kills/XP per hour, if you don't already have them. Also, using Torment/Angiush/Turmoil is a good idea to increase damage. Finally, check out the link below for preferred tasks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10dmInY1s322Kbi9TXxr3McA1eDfwK1YAn9pozqW6rXg/edit#gid=2087314201
  2. EDIT: You already tried this. :P Here is driver update 15. Check and see if this one works for you. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25188/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-15-33-
  3. Hey! Below is a link to the Lenovo support page for your laptop. You'll have to enter your serial number (usually on the bottom of your laptop) in order to find the drivers for your laptop. I checked in the Supported OS list, and I don't see Windows 10. If you still don't see Win10 after entering your serial number, you may have to try using a Win8/8.1 driver. If that still does not work, you will likely have to contact Lenovo support. Let us know what happens! http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/300-Series/305-15IBY?linkTrack=Homepage:Body_Currently%20Selected%20Product&beta=false
  4. Training in the Abyss is one of the fastest options, but it's also one of the most expensive, especially if you're using Magic. If speed training is important, than the money you have to put out won't matter as much. That's a decision only you can make. :) As for Dungeoneering, the Charming Imp can be bought for 100k Tokens, which requires ~73 DG. You can get it at lower levels if you happen to get some Tokens from TH. If you're doing solo floors, it's best to do c1s for the first half of your floors, and then c6s for the second half. The best XP is to do c6 5:5 floors, so you might want to find a team or check out any of the free leech FCs in RuneScape's Teamwork forum. With a team, it will only take an hour or so. For boots/gloves, you can get t70 (Armadyl/Bandos/Subjugation) boots and gloves. There are other options, but most of them ar equest rewards. The t70 boots/gloves will be fine until you upgrade your armor later. If you're very short on cash, don't worry too much about boots/gloves; they're nice, but they won't make or break you.
  5. Hey! So your main goals should be maxing and making money. One of the better ways to do that is to train all combat skills (including Prayer, Summoning, and Herblore) through Slayer. The drops from Slayer are pretty profitable, and it's a nice way to cut out some tertiary ingredients, which will save you money. I don't like DG either, but try to get the Charming Imp and the Bonecrusher, at least. They're lifesavers while grinding for 99s. Your t70 armor is fine for now, so don't worry about upgrading that until you start doing some of the bigger bosses. You also want to get into Prifddinas for Combination Potions, which are great for bossing. Once you manage most of that, and you're close to maxed, you can start doing QBD, GWD/GWD2, and some other mid-tier bosses for money. Use that money to get Drygores, boots, gloves, food/supplies. Then you can start finding teams for some of the bigger bosses. It's going to take a lot of time to start PvM'ing, but you'll get there sooner than you think. Just remember to take some time off and do something else, even if that means just training something else. :)
  6. RS3 (sorry, forgot to add tag) I'm working on Temple Trekking, and I just had a quick question about leveling the different NPCs. Is taking the hardest paths the fastest way? My medium NPC was able to kill all of the enemies after I tagged them, which gave her a ton of levels. But since hard NPCs don't fight, is using the hard paths still the best way? Thanks!
  7. Personally, learning EoC isn't that hard. When it was first released, I grabbed some Runes/weapons and went to TzHaar City. There are a lot of different combat styles there that can help you learn. There is also the Combat Academy in Lumbridge. If you do come back to RS3 and don't like the combat system, you can always use the Legacy interface/combat system. There's a toggle button in the settings that will allow you to use the old interface/combat system, or you can choose to mix and match new interface and old combat system, etc. If you do come back to RS3, feel free to message me if you ever need help. :)
  8. Hey! I'm working on getting Comp/Comp t/MQC, and I've gotten to the end of most of the "one-off"/easy to get reqs. I'm facing some long-term goals and RNG-based requirements. I was wondering if someone would be willing/able to tell me which reqs I should be doing first, or in which order I should be doing things. The link below is to my goals thread, which has my remaining reqs for each cape. If you don't trust the link, the QFC is: 48-49-685-65697390. Thanks! http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=IKit7ENYrkA/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?48,49,685,65697390,goto,1
  9. Thanks Sy! I was going to be very annoyed if I had to redo every initial clue voyage just to get back to the reward voyages. :P
  10. Hey! So I recently got Portmaster title and finished Guardians of the World, which was my last story line. Now I'm just working on finishing off all clue voyages. The unofficial wiki says the final (reward) voyages are repeatable, but does that mean they are immediately repeatable, or do the first three voyages need to be completed first? i.e If I finish the Tengu's final voyage and receive the Gift of Gu, will I receive that same voyage when he returns? Or will I be presented with the first clue voyage again? Thanks!
  11. Thanks everyone! I will definitely add Summoning to my DXPW goals. I went from 85 - 96 in less than two hours during the last DXPW (with Shaman outfit and VoS). So I should be able to easily knock out Prayer and Summoning on the next DXPW. So: Atk/Str: Frosties Magic: Abyss/K'ril Ranged: Asc/Waterfiends/S. Mages Def/LP: See above. Any estimates on time? I'm in no rush, but any estimate would help. Thanks again!
  12. Hey everyone! I just got 99 Slayer today, so I want to just max out my remaining combat stats now that there isn't really a point in training Slayer (I'm not going for any 120s at the moment) So what are the fastest combat methods based on my stats? I am using Ports armor and weapons, and don't have much wiggle room for better gear. 92 Attack 92 Strength 97 Defence 97 Constitution 93 Magic 95 Ranged - Ascension Dungeon while making Bows. Waterfiends after that. 96 Prayer - Cleansing Crystals on DXPW 96 Summoning - Pack Yaks after I max out other stats. Thanks!
  13. Hey NobleK I have two since there are seven teleport options available for the portals. My POH is in Prifddinas, but if I ever host, I move it to Yanille, so I have all seven teleports covered between the six portals and a House Teletab.
  14. Hey! It seems like a redesign my POH just about every year around this time... But I think I finally managed to work out a design I like (and that may me future-proof!) I used the whole 7x7 grid, with 24 rooms to start out with. It's expandable up to 31 rooms (if you keep to the design), but there's obviously a lot more room space that Jagex isn't able to let us use at this time. So what do you guys think? Anything I should change? Thanks! https://gyazo.com/e4930837767d72e3c6db3422364e3f0d
  15. Thanks Sy! So it would be better to just farm Keys rather than Signets next weekend, alongisde Dragon Limbs and Steadfast Boots. Looks like the next two weekends will be quite busy. :P
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