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  1. I was just wondering if I can use a program such as epic pen which allows me to draw on the screen to show where I can click on to do a agility course. Will I get banned for this because I will be click in the same paths so it might think it's a bot?
  2. I entered the serial number and these came up. http://imgur.com/QAVbSh3 what should i do now?? http://imgur.com/a/zyqA3 http://imgur.com/a/zyqA3
  3. So I've been trying to update my Intel Graphics HD driver (Lenovo ideapad 305-15IBY _Laptop name) but it's not going very well. I downloded the Intel Driver Utility but it comes up with the error posted below. I tried finding it manually but I got nothing. Please help ty I've posted specs below. imgur.com/a/YNztj
  4. So I started the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest. I have done everything up to where the bit where my speaks to Sphinx. However i messed up on answering the correct question whilst talking to him so I ended up losing my cat. I therefore could not get Sphinx's token so I teleported back to Varrock to get another cat as I thought this would reset it. I was not allowed back in the location where sphinx is located. I have not found a way of getting back to the location... Any suggestions??
  5. I mean it should at least run minimum settings but i'm still getting like 1 fps.
  6. renderer - http://imgur.com/S9roVbs
  7. Hi I'm having problems on the Runescape 3 client. I bought a new laptop (Lenovo ideapad 305-15IBY) a couple weeks ago. I downloaded the Runescape in the first couple of days and the performance was excellent. I could max out all the graphic settings on the client when playing. However now, after a couple weeks my my fps is abysmal. The game is unplayable. I have tried using the minimal graphics settings for the client , allocating more RAM and clearing my cache but the performance is still shit. I know its not my connection to my home Wifi as everything else works fine. I have attached a picture showing the fps. Any suggestions ,thanks for the help :) It has been like this for a week. http://imgur.com/CzE0mxH http://imgur.com/RzcQSCe
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