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  1. Sigh, i haven't yet. I got their email stating i need to go here. Its not anything different just the stupid password recovery thing. I've entered two previous passwords, Other accounts i go to on the same computer, the fact i received their email proving i had been hacked, how my membership was funded, and i guess the correct date, as it didnt say creation details. This is downright ridiculous that i have nearly every single piece of information entered, and yet some hacker can just enter one password and change my whole account. Does jagex even read the damn appeals. I thought they actually came through for once =/
  2. Alright guys thanks again for you help. I got a reply from jagex, and they confirmed that my acc was accessed by a third party. Didn't know i could be hacked by using email. Never use yahoo or anything similar. =/ Guess i was just lucky enough to encounter a keylogger through it. Unfortunately, i screwed up the recovery process. I typed the wrong pass in and got a little too happy and hit enter before i knew what i had done =/. Hopefully i get a second chance.
  3. well it seems my only hope is through that email i sent jagex, or a lucky password guess. Thanks for trying guys, appreciate the effort. =/ wierd it quoted myself
  4. well it seems my only hope is through that email i sent jagex, or a lucky password guess.
  5. Exactly my problem i do no have an email registered to it. "We do not have a recovery email address on our systems for your account. Please enter the information requested below". Then i have to enter previous pass that i remember, my location, internet provider, etc. The thing is this guy or girl... whoever changed my pass while i was logged on. Seems kind of pointless to only include recoveries on half of the process.
  6. Thanks guys, but i've tried the password recovery dozens of times. I can't seem to really get it to be successful, as i'm denied every time. That's why i was wondering if there was some place where i could enter just my recovery questions, as right now its seems like there is no point in having them if there is nowhere to use them.
  7. Hmm well it happened to me finally, but i was logged in the forced out. My pass is changed blah blah blah. What i want to know is how to recover my account. All i seem to be able to find is password recovery, which says i don't have an email registered to it. I don't remember any other passwords, or any other minor details to get that back. I set recoveries but i do not know where to use them at. Any help would be nice. Its a bit odd, since i never downloaded or went to fishy sites. I'm not too upset, since i know my stuff is nice and safe, but i'd like to get back to the game as soon as possible. I don't really want to wait for jagex to email me back 3 days later, with what i'm guessing will be sorry, can't help you.
  8. Wow there is always someone who knows how to calculate this stuff. Thanks a bunch. Considering i can only make around 5m a day with luck, seems this is the best alternative.
  9. Well hello again guys, and thanks for asking my questions i keep coming up with. I have a nice little stack of cash, and finally my rapier, but next goal in mind is turmoil. I calculated if i used infernal ashes, it would use up about 90.5m. I have currently 61m so it wouldn't take too long to make that money. What i want to know is if its worth 36k ashes and low price and slower method vs the 12k frost bones, yet 210m price that goes with it. Just seems like so much, since I've never had more than 100m before.
  10. I have about 60 slayer but i could never get into it. Maybe at higher levels it would generate more profit. I guess i could try that next week, and see how it goes. After i resell my borrowed claws, and hopefully make a good profit off the bones and hides i have + the weekend, i'll see how much i can make. Do higher up slayer tasks usually last more than 1 hour? If so i can see how that could make a few mills an hour depending on the task.
  11. Well most of my cash is tied down to things to resell during double xp. Yes I'm one of those people =/. For the last 2 weeks, I have mostly soloed dung, and now i have my rapier. I've tried old school and killing dragons, but the thing is so damn good i feel like a jerk using it. With hardly any money for now, merchanting is out the window. Should i just suck it up and continue killing dragons, i mean i constantly hop from foreign server to the next looking for an empty chaos tunnels world. What else is there that i could kill for = or better profits than green dragons considering how quickly i can kill and bank. (I can't do frosts, I plan on getting 85 on Double xp, since i hate the skill so much, even so i doubt they are still good.) If your willing to share something i don't mind, but i prefer a combat method mainly because I want something more active to do compared to all that boring dunging. 85 att 90 str 70 def 77 rng 70 mag 70 pry 53 summ I think these are all the stats that really matter. Thanks in advance
  12. Well after a few days of solo i think i got the trick. Just averaged a few 12 minute meds, when before it would take me around 25 minutes. All it really takes is knowing what to gate and how to approach things. I was also wondering if soloing is doable if you have faster times. I tried world 77.... everything everyone has said is right. I've also tried clan Fc, but those are also a joke as no one is in the mood to help out. Either way i'm still happy i manged to lower my times.
  13. How does one determine a bonus door? To me, any door could be the boss door, right? I guess its a bonus door because its not required if you can't open it. Every door or room should be opened but if its beyond your skills i guess its bonus. At least thats my understanding of it now. And 2-4 minutes? Did god himself set that time lol. I guess i'll have to get better at gating or at least learn what to gate.
  14. Bonus doors? Like the ones that require a potion? If that's a bonus door, then yes i do skip them. My combat is 109. Not great but its usable.
  15. So i like to solo, yes i know team is better, but is a 7 minute solo good? or should i be trying to get a little lower? And whats a good medium time? Around 15 minutes i'm guessing? Thanks
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