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  1. Sounds awesome! I will definitely be there. I hope a lot of people come =)
  2. Hey guys, Well decided to make a pure, he's currently only 14 combat with 5 Attack 29 strength, will eventually make him 40 Attack... working on thieving and selling herblaw items for money.. if anyone wants to train/skill/fight let me know :) RSN - "ranger owen"
  3. Actually, I think one of the most fun parts is starting from the beginning as a scavenger and making your way up, being able to buy more powerful weapons along the way. I regret I didn't get to do this when I returned last year because my long time classic buddy gave me like 400k... :( I was looking forward to a iron mace and got full rune... :S
  4. Wahoo!!! =D Not sure if I will start up my main again or make a pure depends on how many people join.. I'll wait it out
  5. This sounds reasonable for me. Thank you all for the advice. I really appreciate it =) And yeah I'll definitely bring an anti-fire shield...
  6. Fungus sounds like a good idea. What would be the most profitable monster for my lvls, if I'm using range? My equip would be (since I never did d slayer): Rune helm Rune chain Glory/power ammy Leather boots (lol, is there anything better I can buy without having to do a quest?) Blk Dhide chaps, vambs Magic bow (? or something better, as long as i can get it quickly) What arrows? Steel? I only have ~200k to start (which will be like 50k after buying the glory and dhide =( )
  7. I'd rather keep my def where it is, What would be the best mining/smithing thing to sell? pretty much same as f2p?
  8. with these skills? I plan to get 70 mining, 75 smithing, and 60 fletching for addy arrows (who knows if I'll follow through ;D). So I was thinking selling arrows or something? Your thoughts?
  9. This must be what I have. This sucks, means I can't PK anymore. I've died like 3 times due to lag on World 32; the screen just freezes (doesn't say loading) for about 7 seconds which is long enough for anyone to KO ... How do you edit Fraps for RS fps?
  10. I'm getting 70+ ping on each world... but I have pretty fast internet so I'm confused (5mpbs) :(
  11. If you're not picking up arrows, best ranged XP for F2P is hobgoblins by crafting guild. Second best probably guards by black knights fortress. I got from 1-83 ranged in f2p so trust me these are the best, unless Jagex has released something better in the last few years.
  12. Is it possible to check FPS and/or ping on RS? I've been lagging on F2p pking worlds where the screen just freezes for 5-7 seconds and I keep getting killed... really annoying :(
  13. Just wondering what your thoughts were, about how many more people we will get after RSC reopens for new sign ups in a month or so. I think it's had considerable anticipation, and that a lot of the old players heard about it the six month thing. What do you think? Maybe ... 100-150? :thumbsup:
  14. I'd just like to say, your post about RSC in the rant forum was very well written and I agree with it a lot of it. Reminds me of the old days, even though I only joined in 2003.

  15. If I made a staker, what stats? Stop training Str but what att/def? I'll get 60 def but I'm not wealthy enough for any drag armor. Thank You
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