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  1. Pieter i miss you man, get back on rs <3

  2. Happy birthday! :D

  3. TMRD. Team Power Rangers or Team Flip Flap Flup Flops?
  4. ROFL FF/GX/VR, cya hicks. Too bad I wasn't there, good job TPR. :thumbup:
  5. Congratulations and goob job PH, seems like you did good. :smile: Keep it up. :thumbup:
  6. TPR back in town, we feasted. :lol: Better luck next time GX.
  7. Link to the declaration topic (if needed): http://forum.tip.it/topic/289584-night-killers-declare-on-legendz/ NK declared on us for a TWR war and I gladly accepted on the following rules rules; Matched Classic - Center Bounds Melee/binds/Ranged Dungeoneering ON Corrupt OFF North spawn Attacks Prayer/Strength potions/Rings allowed 1 Man sniper cap Memberlist of LGZ: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=legendz ~ 47 Memberlist of NK: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=nk_clan ~ 43 Although we mostly outlevelled their memberlist I was curious for their pile since I haven't seen them warring in a while. They contacted us earlier today to delay the war time with 15 minutes, we gladly accepted it and appreciate the fact you contacted us. We wished eachother the best of luck and hopped in the arena, and this is how it went; We sadly had to cut from 26 to 15 but on the bright side we could send some minions who are in TPR to the TPR war that was going on at the same time (roflstomping GX). Anyway, we had the north spawn and got to attack first, the fight went pretty fast with a solid KO power of us even with 15 people, due to the dungeoneering weapons. Our tankers did a solid job and we were doing great untill suddenly one of the people from NK we piled bailed all the way to the south portal. I believe he must've been a FA or something, it was a bit annoying/confusing but I didn't really make a fuss of it. We regrouped near the jail and started doing our thing again, we maintained our strong performance. The second time we got on that person who left to single he tried to do it again, but we didn't gave him a chance this time and knocked him out while bound. Near the end when we knew we secured the win, Shawn decided to prove his quality in messing around again and managed to get KO'd by someone with simply ONE G2H, whether it was on purpose or not; idiot. Anyway aside from that our performance was pretty good, we should've ended with 13 but Shawn had other plans. Thanks for the fight NK, better luck next time. :thumbup:
  8. Nice job, heard GX teamed up with OAC and I saw them spamming they had 50 on TS, nevertheless you demolished them, good job PH. :thumbup: <3:
  9. Seems a bit stupid, clans will have to time and prove they have been AC'ing for this long and with X kills (so X pictures should be uploaded!)... Quality (as in numbers they had or if they were there from start to finish) of the AC and the satisfaction from the fighting clans are more important in my opinion. Then again these points that will be awarded shouldn't be that high, more like a bonus.
  10. As Kong proposed decreasing points for a TWR clan/team when they crash a fight of two TWR clan/teams. So awarding points for a clan that AC's (even if it didn't had to do anything) should be awarded as well, like Dan said. The system is getting some 'body'. :thumbup:
  11. Good to see making directly use of new TWR additions, also glad to see PH posting here again. <3: Seems like a really close fight, good job both clans and congratulations PH. :thumbup:
  12. You did a good job taking initiative for TWR Johny, glad to see NK are still around. Too bad there was some confusion with the rules and the fact CD didn't want to rematch. Congratulations NK, nice performance though in that round you fought CD. :thumbup:
  13. I approached NBK for a 30 minute CWRI knowing that they'd give us one hell of a fight even while being outnumbered as seen on previous occassions. So did they and were fine about the fact we'd most likely pull more than them. We agreed on these rules; 30 Minute CWRI Turrets Melee/binds/Ranged Dungeoneering ON Corrupt OFF North spawn Attacks Prayer/Strength potions/Rings allowed 2 Man sniper cap Memberlist of LGZ: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=legendz ~ 55 Memberlist of NBK: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=bigroror ~ 48 We wished eachother the best of luck and hopped in the arena, and this is how it went; As expected we pulled more than them and I knew it would be intense from the start and it was, our start was really messy with our callers lagging and getting disorganized with as result we lost crucial time. NBK had a strong main pile with a lot of KO power due to their good levels as well, yet our numbers could keep us close. As soon as we started to roll we managed to get faster kills and it was really neck on neck in the first 15 minutes. After that our numbers were superiour and gave us faster kills than them, we peaked at 36 while I believe NBK peaked around 22-23. Bigroror pulled off an outstanding tank once after an amazing recovery in robes, after that our binds maintained strong and we kept close to their pile and started expanding our lead while our tanks were getting used to their strong pile. Not much to add, NBK did one hell of a job and props to them for outperforming and ending on a strong note. Video (by Jay): [flash=350,250] Thanks for the fight NBK, it was really a challenge and an intense fun fight for us, I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. :-) A fight on even terms in the future would be good. :thumbsup:
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