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  1. Sucks about the crashers on RSD. Everyone seems to be getting crashed again lol. Good job The Rising.
  2. Its interesting to see how so much has changed within a little over a year.
  3. Usually if its a long fight, 30-50 If its a small fight 7-15
  4. 1. How will the return of Old Wildy and Free Trade influence your clan as a whole? I will get free money. 2. How will your clan use this opportunity to make your clan any better? I will make more money! 3. Will this amazing long waited update affect you personally in your clan? why or why not? I MAKE MORE GOD DAMN MONEY 4. How will this update change the Runescape clan community as a whole? MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYz
  5. Congratulations DDB and welcome back :)
  6. So for any top clans that frequent these boards what would it take for your clan to become active on tip.it? I personally am with another few The Titans Members. What would it take for your clan to join TWR? I doubt we would join. There are no real challenges onto the TWR listings. If DF/CoR/RSD/VR/EoS all joined it might bring something but it would make Tipit into the outlook of RAW rankings.
  7. Wow Dark Dragon Breath is a clan I havn't hear in awhile!
  8. Havn't been on Tipit in a bit. Sad to see this as a first topic when I come back. We fought alot while TK was still open, you were always fun and honorable. Best of luck to your members.
  9. Dang, havn't heard from CR in a good few weeks. Good job with your victory
  10. With a short prep to head out today, we knew RoT had already been PK'ing so we expected a fight with them rather sooon intro the trip. On w136, we were rushed by them at lava vents and the rest followed. Clear VR/EoS Uncapped TT starting: 180 RoT starting: 180 Was a pretty standard fight the first 15-30 minutes. With big piles and another fight taking place on the world, it got a bit messy but settled down after a bit. As our numbers grew, we were able to increase up to 25 snipers after starting with 15 increasing the pressure on RoT's pile and letting our own hit theirs often. We seemed to have control of the majority of the fight while VR/DK (EoS couldn't complete their mass in time) made a appearance but were not much to deal with. RoT did well being outnumbered by a little so thanks for small skirmish, was a fun fight. Thanks for the AC, DF. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1NeO64Cej8&feature=player_embedded TT ending: 240 RoT ending: 210 1 kill 5 deaths. Edit in/post pictures Sorry for No pictures.
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