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  1. was fun, thanks for the fight Envy+NBK.
  2. If this was tip.it from 09, this topic would of been either locked or clean a looong time ago.
  3. Congrats Killerred, make us proud :thumbup:
  4. We're always up for a fight, feel free to pm an official in #downfall. Good luck finding fights!
  5. Confirmed. Thanks for the fight RR, don't know why you're trying to claim a win over us when it's obvious that we dominated the fight.
  6. agree with the 1st part but really it was only Soulja and a handful of members. We may not have warred a wide range of clans in pvp but im going over the war topics posted in tipit(so i dont look like a complete idiot) and Downfall didnt either during the same time period. Basically this. As far as this "DF has never beaten TK" nonsense, that's false. I've been with Downfall since 08, I've been to the wars, and I've seen us beat TK. I've seen us lose a bit to TK, then then I've also seen some questionable tactics used by them as well. Any way, good luck with your team. Ive been in TK since the beginning and we have never lost in CWA to you guys i believe. But your right questionable tactics were used (multiclanning). I dont think we have ever fought Df 1v1 in pvp during Tk#2. There has been mini skirmishes when we would go out to hit you, but you guys used CR to protect most of your fights. If i remember, you guys would not give us a fight that we wanted so bad. We are a team. Bringing back a core will not be difficult. We already have a nice solid group of ex tk back. And of course we will give clean fights. We have an almost completely different set of officials from the previous tk. Like you said, most of our members are established in other clans and we would not want to risk them being kicked from their main clans. Tizi <3 VA unit. Were opening as a team because were a bunch of friends and clanmates that miss warring with eachother. Our goal is to have fun, not be better than others now. With the baiting and immature posts such as LOLOLOL and calling us Turkey Killers I think were the ones feeding the trolls here, not you guys, After all this is our opening topic. The first closing, i have nothing to say about that other than that was all on Soulja Melle, we were pulling 40s and 50s at the time. We were still CWA in 09 and multiclanning wasnt a factor at all. However for the 2nd, id say it had a small effect. We really had no other choice other than to close for the 2nd time. It was more then a few good officials we lost. We knew we would close eventually. Soulja quit and this time for good. Glen and Leo went on to the army and navy. Lovelost wasnt interested in leading a clan. Viking is one of the most dedicated person i know, but with limited english, he couldnt lead a clan by himself. He eventually quit too. Me, shutai, and atiaz didnt call. Trino was inexperienced at the time. Partiboi was a backup caller. At the end, we knew what was gonna happen. We didnt have anyone step up to lead or be a caller, so we (the officials) agreed to close. In my opinion, even though it was Soulja who brought Tk up from being a 141 clan, he was our downfall(no pun), he was the reasons we didnt go any further. I hate to talk about him but hes gone now and im just telling it like how it is. I like Downfall, i respect what you guys have done as a clan. Going from 141 to being one of the top mid sized clans. I wish all the mud throwing and baiting would stop(from both sides). I know you guys will hold some negative opinions due to the past and such but really, this isnt the same tk at all. Were not gonna crash and hunt you guys in pvp like before, our goal is to have fun. You're pretty much the only guy in TK that I actually liked and respected. I respect your post, though as you said we will always have some grudges in between us due to the past beef we had. Tbh, I think it would of been better re-opening as a new name. Soulja Melle and Viking Ship were the ones who created TK, am I right? It's just dumb and so copyrighted, unless you guys talked to them first before opening. But still, it's only in the mean time before idiots like Glen, Leo, g balla, Lovelost (was an idiot back then) and some others who hates Downfall start joining you guys and start flaming us as well. I can see when you guys start pulling 30s and 40s, you guys are going to be mocking us and spamming crap like "Downfall next" or some other bull [cabbage] you guys used to do. Your memberlist is looking decent though compare to all those spastics you used to have before, I just hope you guys keep it that way.
  7. Let's be honest here, Turkey Killers was always a team. They had DK and other top clans on their memberlist back in 09 lol. It's why it resulted on the closures.
  8. Grats PH, props to CR for stepping up :thumbsup:
  9. They're desperate for a win. All their recent fights has end up with beef ('The' for a example), we all know it's not because of us this fight ended up messy. As for Uffan, Parshcurryeater never PM'd anyone to extend the cap. Frenchfry was the one who pm'd me about extending the cap for another 30 minutes, r[]fl. I declined his offer many times and told him we were ending when the cap was over (following the rules). I can get the logs for you if you wish, because you like to talk a lot of crap without any valid proof, you don't even know what really happen to your main pile considering you were sniping the whole fight. You're just brainwash and repeating the exact crap what your fellow clan members are saying on Rsc. And how can we take ending opts when you didn't let us? You rushed us when the time cap was over, we weren't going uncapped so we hopped to another world to take ending (which was more then yours). You had like 80 opts immediate as well, that's why you rushed us at the time cap, so that you can get the Rsc win you desperately want.
  10. How are we stepping up if you've never beaten us or wanted to fight us until recently? When was the last time you beat us (inb4Saturday)? Nah idiot you didn't win. And what are you on about? You guys never asked us for fights (besides silly cwri offers that I obviously declined, even though we won our last one). Our officials were the ones who came to you for a fight and you even told them to pass by the next day lol.
  11. Props for CR for stepping up, cya guys soon. Thanks for the fight once again :thumbup:
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