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  1. Octane Forums | Main Memberlist #Octane on SwiftIRC Octane vs Team Extermination Date: 13/09/2011 Octane Starting: Team Extermination Starting: A week ago, our General - World Cup, decided to set up our first PKRI for this date. We were massively pumped for this war and managed to mass up 43 people and head up to the field of battle. Due to the unfortunate pull of Team Extermination, the war was incredibly messy but we went in hard and came out on top. Our binds were slacking a bit at the end when a couple of people got some lucky drags but there was no coming back for Team Extermination and they decided to end ~30 before the hour cap. From my perspective, it wasn't a very fun war but thank you for the fight nonetheless. #Octane Octane Ending: Team Extermination Ending: Cleared off the battlefield Poker being a bit too optimistic lol (courtesy of Finny) Pictures of the battle: Thank you for all the Octane members that showed up today, very proud of you guys and also to Team Extermination. You put up a good fight for your pull!
  2. Octane Forums | Main Memberlist #Octane on SwiftIRC Octane vs Green Dragons Date: 08/09/11 Rules: Round 1: All styles cwri (30 mins) - Turrets map Round 2: All styles matched - Classic map Dung on Corrupt off Rings on Snipers off Round1: Octane Starting: 26 Demiros Starting: 28 We started the war with a quick lead and until like the last 15minutes GD were behind, at this point Green Dragons took back the fight and managed to get a kill or 2 on us, this was the point we realised that [cabbage] got serious (insert serious face here) We managed to quickly take a lead while GD remained getting steady kills. Green Dragons Peak - 34? Octane Peak - 28? Octane Ending: Round2: Starting - 25vs25 The matched round we started off by having a DC and some member getting instantly koed (-.-) We faced a 2 man disadvantage 15 seconds into the fight, but we realised it wasn't time to lose to GD and buckled up our act and got serious. Octane Ending - Shoutouts: Suhhus for hero tanking the matched fight and letting us take control again All new callers / members for being part of Octane :wub: Octane members for the great performance Green Dragons for the fun, clean, challenging fight. Pictures of fight (cwri) Pictures of fight (matched)
  3. Octane Forums | Main Memberlist #Octane on SwiftIRC Octane vs Demiros Date: Rules: Round 1: All Styles 30 min CWRI Round 2: All Styles Melee/Binds/Range Corr OFF Dungeoneering OFF Snipers OFF Rings ON CWRI Starting: Ending: We started with 29 strong as we headed to their portal where we saw he opposition. We rushed the first pile with force as the person got KO'd which lead smoothly to other transitions + KO's which ultimately lead to our win. Pictures of the war: Matched Starting: Matched Ending: Demiros decided they wanted to switch up to an MBR with dung on so we said what the hell and accepted! This fight was a lot more even, with their pile dying shortly after we had dropped one of Demiros' members. It was man for man for about 3 kills till we started KOing more and more of them till they decided to leave. Thank you Demiros for the war, sorry about any rule breaking on our part (if any), hope we have another encounter soon
  4. VS I contacted CS Forces the week before to set this fight up with the following rules: Starting: The fight started off incredibly slowly with us and CS Forces always leading each-other by one for the first 10 minutes until I made my return to runescape by calling a few piles and gave us the momentum to really push forward and we grabbed a 3 man lead in which our General; Trino8 built upon by calling deadly transitions in the final 10 minutes which CSF had no hope of recovering. Pictures of the fight: Ending: Well done to every TK member who performed outstanding today, and thank you to CSF for the fight :thumbsup:
  5. It's a team! So we do have the core, the majority anyway and yes - clan fights. You can't say it isn't the same without soulja melle because you were never in TK and have no idea who he led, what he did etc and we can't really live in Tk's shadow if most of us were Tk anyway? :s Your ignorance amuses me. It's funny that you say that because I'd have rather closed and ended on a good note than trying to keep a clan that now pulls 80 opts [Downfall] alive. Embarrasing, son.
  6. Notice how downfall member's try to post negative things on the topic. Don' be mad because TK always beat you, be mad because you never had the skills to take on TK.
  7. After closing last July, Tempted Killers have resurrected as a team. Good luck clan world! Tempted Killers Forums Tempted Killers Memberlist
  8. There's no contact details at all.
  9. Clans generally log out after fights are over. It's kind of how it works. Congrats CR. +1
  10. Shouldn't exodus be dead yet? Anyways yes, be expecting CR, we need to finish off the long road to exo's end
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