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  1. I see you're 50 cooking, I don't know what it's like cooking at that level, it's been so long. Would you like a 2k trout and 1.4k salmon donation? I just fished it, and I wouldn't mind helping you out.
  2. Man, we're moving along and I'm so proud. A lot of the members are growing together and really like each other. Awesome. xCS Espada/Akatsuki made us our clan irc chat today! on swift irc it's #clanstormrs if anyone's interested in joining. Expect forums soon!
  3. With 85 atk and 80 slayer as a req, it should be atleast as good as rapier.
  4. Uh, how I wish I had higher slayer for this update. :|
  5. Makes sense. The prices has been so odd. Back when the freetrade/wild first came out, weren't whips like 1.5m? Even if they go up another 500k that'd be cool with me. The price has went down to as much as 800k this week, now is back up to 1m.
  6. I'm currently 70 slayer, going to be going for 85, and hopefully by then whips will be up, haha. I'm going to do Slayer as soon as I get 99 fletching. ANYWAY, Would 70-85 slayer suffice for enough charms to get 52-68 Summoning? I already have over 120+ crimson, 40+ blue, 1k+ gold, and 700+ green charms banked... Will that get me to 68?
  7. When I first signed up for this site, I didn't realize how tight of a community it was, I basically have no chance of gaining members through this forum, but that's alright with me lol.
  8. As far as I know you're supposed to get 40 attack, then keep range+str even. People think just one single level completely throws off your stats and whatnot. If you care that much about this game that's crazy lol. You may want to restart though lol.
  9. OP is seriously the best troll, LOL.
  10. Thanks for the 1 click banking thing, that's a good idea especially since I'm on a laptop. As for the broad arrows thing, I'm not about to blow my whole bank on 99 fletching, I have patience lol. Halfway to 90! :)
  11. Kind of assumed you could post in the thread, or PM us by anyone of our RSN's in game. I don't think we should have to treat people as if they have no brains. mad Well are u a cc clan or do u have ur own forums, what about irc and stuff as thats the normal way for people on these boards to contact clans they want to join or are interested in. If i was interested in joining a clan ide use irc or look at their off board forums tbh. A recruitment thread doesnt really give any info on the clans comunity itself. We're not that big yet, I don't want to waste my time with a forum and IRC yet because it will just be dead for the time being. Not everyone in the clan I doubt will even use our IRC or forums if we make them. Once the clan grows big enough, I know for a fact that I'll be making both of those though.
  12. Kind of assumed you could post in the thread, or PM us by anyone of our RSN's in game. I don't think we should have to treat people as if they have no brains.
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