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  1. Here's a few photos from a late-night event (it was about 10pm) in my hometown. It was the first real test of my recently-bought-intended-workhorse-lens, (sigma 30) and it worked out really well. Focusing was absolutely fine (manyhold discrepancies with sigma's quality control) and being able to stop down to f1.4 was amazing and well-needed, and despite most of the photos being at 1.4 they seem in focus fine! (it's a lot easier to just view them on my tumblr as the sizes are better displayed there)
  2. I totally forget whenever I post on forums :x Yeah :( I miss the snow in the summer, and miss the summer when its snowy. Thanks! :) Baw :(, that is sad. I saw this one in a pet shop.
  3. Just some photography.. I haven't been about on tip.it for a while now! Hope everyone is well. Now for some good old fashion England snow (what little there is of it) And a few other randoms.. And I have a tumblr which I regularly update. You can view it here: http://hugor.tumblr.com/
  4. This is such a great guide.. I've always admired pixelling. Nice one :)
  5. - With 35mm cameras, a 50mm lens IS 50mm, as opposed to 50mm being equivalent to 85mm on a crop sensor. - Following from my first point, I would recommend getting a decent body (it doesn't really matter that much.. most are way cheaper than DSLRs, just get a pentax something or other), and just get a 50mm prime lens (fixed focal length). Keep it simple :) -As already said, developing is a bit difficult, so if you want to, find out if there are any film photography evening classes or something. -Unfortunately, it seems to be very difficult to get cheap film developing. Jessops near me costs about £8 per roll .. if you're going to do film seriously, get your film developed into negatives, and scan them yourself (you'd have to buy a film scanner.. epson V500/600/700 are apparently good) -Film is awesomely fun, and makes you really appreciate each photo -Funky colours -Get needle in middle of bracket in viewfinder
  6. mfw you used my brushes! <3 That being said, I much prefer your second version. You have to be very careful with t-shirt designs in that they should be bold and eye catching. People will look at it in the store for a few seconds, and if in those few seconds they don't know what part of the image to look at, they might just move on. You have to be very careful. :P Anyway, the vector looks great, and the only thing i'd mention is that the apostophe looks like it could be a rouge dot for the I.
  7. Humus

    Some Piccies.

    I don't really like the first 3 as there isn't really much to look at. And I'd stay away from borders on digital, they never do it for me. I love the fourth one, but the focusing's really odd- i look straight into the centre-foreground, but it's not in focus. Also, the angle is really strange and the framing feels really close. I looove the colours.. Again, I really like the last one, but the image is just too small the appreciate it how I think it should be appreciated. :)
  8. You need to work out a way to tie each symbol/logo together. I like the first example you posted, but I think the main design should be bigger, and catch your eye more. The text should be there but maybe not so bright as to pull your focus away from your key graphic: (i couldnt really change the colour of the text cus i was just in paint) but you get the idea. I can't really say much else as I've never done logo or illustrator type stuff, but you're doing well, but I think it's just you need something to tie them all together. I'd say have your main element (i'd suggest the hand) in white, and your other two elements (zepplin/wings) around it, or behind, in a light grey colour. Then have a line (could be rope, or music staves with notes on them?) holding them all together, in a dark-grey colour.
  9. The first one's great! I like the second one too but the colours are a bit too funky for me. I think it's best to go full black or white or full colour. :)
  10. Humus

    Some photios

    Oh.. You think it would've been better focusing on the edges of the hole in the tub? Fair enough.. many don't like black and white it seems :) I like it too, actually.. it looks quite comical, with the woman ignoring this funny little dog.
  11. Just a few more from recently:
  12. Jesus, that sounds like a lot of work. Yeah It's just a little account I started a while ago to play for fun with my girlfriend, and I thought I could maybe make a pker just for fun. Thank you so much for the info, but I'm not sure if I really like runescape as much as to play for those levels ;w;
  13. These are my stats atm: God knows why str+attack are at 10. Don't remember levelling them-- must have been a quest? Anyway, after returning from a long absence, what is the state of f2p pking? What levels are suggested? Wish I hadn't levelled up the damn prayer, but there you go.
  14. First one is cool but well.. it's a phone ;p. I like the second one, but I think the lighting could've been more effective if it were set up a bit closer maybe? I'm not really knowledgeable in studio lighting :P I like the shadow, it's shame you can't really see it much. I think the third is the best, visually. Subject is well lit, but it seems your backdrop is a bit creased on the left, making it look like the lighting is cut off. Also, I've found that you have to be very careful with your model's shadows-- i.e most of the time you don't want them :lol: I like that you've given her looking distance though (not sure if intentional). That's definitely a big tip I'd give to any photographer wanting advice; if your model/object is looking/pointing in a direction, leave space on that side. :D
  15. Humus


    Yeah ;p oh the irony..
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