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  1. Soa

    Good day

    I just saw your response, I can still make you a sig if you're interested :)
  2. Soa

    Good day

    Is there anyone left from the old art bazaar? I used to make signatures, banners, blog icons, PSP backgrounds, youtube banners, large art pieces and other GIMP creations here back around 2007-2013(?).
  3. DG PENALTY TO BE REMOVED NEXT MONDAY. http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/3aun0l/f2p_dungeoneering_penalty_to_be_removed_next/
  4. Ok that's why I though it was strange that it was showing blank! But the Gud chainmail is slightly better than the Rune plate because it gives +20 str but the same armor.
  5. I hope they didn't just axe gravite weaponry (sans 2H), if you know what I mean. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Gud_raider_axe http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Gravite_2h_sword I don't think so. :)
  6. IMO when Andrew left and the company was sold to that same company who used to own Maplestory.
  7. 90 attack on sunday, 86 str yesterday 1515 total. 95 hp and 90 str will get me 1520 total, then idk what to do then, probably 90 range since Revolution is here and combat exp is faster. TOO BAD MINESPAN OR PRAY SPAN ISN'T HERE. JAGEX.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      And HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, one year later! I hope your day is enjoyably memorable! ^_^


      (Hey, wait-a-minute, why am I the only one posting here after a whole year? O_O ...)

  9. Yeah I should have said that it isn't out for F2P yet because there's still like 150k renown to get for the dragon token, even if you have been maxing renown everyday. But I think Transfigure could be good for training if your health is around 50% and want to save on food, unless I missed something.
  10. Warpriest will be lv 50(?) when the event is over, so just use rune. Devotion seems good in pvp or bossing, not much good for training. Haven't really tested out Sacrifice but basically it deals up to 100% weapon damage while healing 25% of damage dealt or 100% if the opponent dies. The last ability isn't out yet so idk. More info here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Bird_and_the_Beast/Rewards
  11. Aww thanks love, you're the first poster in this thread in months
  12. The vote is to determine which update comes first, not one or the other.
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