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  1. Agree you don't reply your a bot plain and simple. Someone says hi to me if i'm not taking a piss I say hi back at least. That's a stupid assumption. Seriously words cannot describe how stupid what you just said is. Just because people don't enjoy talking to everyone they meet they're a bot? Damn you're good at finding bots. And FYI I did answer his stupid question "are you a bot". So no I'm not a bot. Not to mention the fact that if I was a bot I wouldn't have seen him talking to me in the first place to make this topic. Tired of talking to stupid people? Public -> off. You'd be surprised how many people use this. I' was just trolling. Runescape is like Salem New England in the 1690's except instead of everyone running around screaming "Witch" in runescape we scream "Bot"
  2. Agree you don't reply your a bot plain and simple. Someone says hi to me if i'm not taking a piss I say hi back at least.
  3. Jar files good point that would circumvent the domain policy I have in place I bet. I didn't even think of that! Anything else I should look for? I did check my squid logs for any sites related to cheating but didn't find anything maybe I need to look closer for open web proxies. Thanks everyone for your helpful comments, the ones that are anyway.
  4. Yeah I actually never noticed any thing about being under 13 I just bought her cards providing she did her chores. I'll go back and read the doc and email jagex. Night all thanks for your help.
  5. Actuallly I didn't know that is this true?
  6. 1. Cause I'm a parent 2. she doesn't know how 3. not really it's all crap and spam 4. true but she's 10 and been crying about all day. I mean honestly her account is [cabbage].
  7. Actually you shouldn't move it. I want to know if other parents are seeing this or people in general. I mean it's very obvious jagex has no bot detection other then " hey you here? " ooh you must be a bot!!! Report. No I don't want my children talking to you!!
  8. Ok this is [cabbage] my kids account was banned yesterday for botting. Thing is I told her to never talk to anyone in this game for any reason because I don't want perverts hitting on her! btw she can't bot because she has no permissions on her pc to even run an executable unless I allow it. Anyone else having this problem? I'm seriously thinking of canceling my membership and all my kids including my wifes this is [cabbage]. I mean I get there is a botting problem but these mods have gone to far. But they seem to ignore the gambling and sexual crap that's going on in the game on a daily basis.
  9. Wow Stomp sure that list is even right? I'm not on it and I started before a few of the peeps on there for sure.
  10. Phillip logged in this morning for about 90 seconds, but didn't respond to my pm :( Anyone know if he is still the same guy?
  11. Pretty much everything is falling in price.
  12. I'm 38 and play everyday several hours in fact :)
  13. 99's really don't matter that much. Just have fun enjoy the game and who cares what other people say or think. :)
  14. I started playing again after many years, one of the things I enjoy no one knows me. I love that! We'll never get the old days back but hell Jagex has done a pretty good job with what started out as a crappy Java game.
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