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  1. Lol, I never even knew they would debute their graphics.
  2. Earlier this morning, I opened up my guilded alter, and then 13 hours later, this dude messages me, asking if "my" house was open... (I don't bother opening up firefox, going to runescape.com and go to forums, sign in, find my thread and edit it to say closed (it would prob be on page like 30 by then ... ) Anyway's this is how it turned out... At least he said it in a nice way, but somewhat rude as well, but ffs. Proper GRAMMER wouldn't have killed here ye know. >_>
  3. You might know me from back in 2002, level 102, one of the first to get 99 mage, back in RSC. Just logged in after being gone for 644 days, from runescape (yes when I went on RSC it said, 644 days, also meaning rs2 at the time.) just recently started to play and only 2, out of how many remember the old schoolers. Not to many of them left I guess, like bluerose, rofl, shes a old one ;) But I still remember her. I enjoyed rsc back in the time, thinking back on it, it almost felt like 1 huge community of family. Well that's all I can say basically, just... do your research, start remembering the old schoolers! xD
  4. Angel of death, for the looks. :)
  5. I remember those days. And to this day, I still have Airman100 :) Just that, nobody remembers me and my l33t skills back then. :'( Rofl.
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