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  1. Gratz Poison :thumbup:
  2. Gratz and keep it up :smile:
  3. SST vs. Downfall Chivalry Legions vs. Dragonwood Natural Born Killers vs. Runite Knights of Finland RuneScape Dinasty vs. Wilderland Luso Brazilian Clan Crimson Raiders vs. Forsaken Pure Hatred vs. Elite Assassins Goldr Titans vs. The Titans Red Blade Hunters vs. Final Ownage Elite Sorrow of Knights vs. Apocalypse Slayers Rune Raiders vs. The Brazilian Kings Violent Resolution vs. Titans Revolution Reign of Terror vs. Austrailian Army Poison vs. Divine Forces Way of War vs. Brutality Thunder in the Sky vs. Crimson Raiders True 0wnage vs. TRWF Red Blade Hunters vs. Natural Born Killers The Titans vs. Sorrow of Knights Cheer Up vs. The Rising Ascension vs. Wilderland Chivalry Legions vs. Dutch Generation Australian Army vs. Elite Assassins
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