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  1. Good luck guys. Despite the old Exer spirit has left the clan a long time ago, I'd hate to see it close at all.
  2. My suckiest war ever. Played on my old laptop. Stood around waiting for loadings more than I moved. Thanks for the fight!
  3. Had to take a 15 minute break due to circumstances here, but managed to stay til the end of the time cap! It was fun! Had a good time during a war! Thanks for the fight Brutality!
  4. EXERCITUM MILITUS OF HONORUM rcitum.net/"]EXER FORUM || Exer Memberlist Fun R2h Event: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Rules were as following: Inventory: Gear: + monkrobes + strength amulet + Rune 2 handed sword - No other wapons, runes or arrows + explorers ring + strength potion ( its up to you many you bring ) + No restrictions in food Prayer rules: -no protect item -no melee protect + For the rest, all prayers are allowed Beeing skulled is a must.. To get a skull attack one of the people in full rune when they tell you to attack them. Ofc they want to know so first so they can turn protect from melee on for a second. The people in full rune act as an referee, if they think you broke the rule. They will kill you in no time. The event will also be vidded and posted on youtube so bring your happy face The winner of the destruction will end up with all the r2hs. Event locoation: The event took place on10 august the killing on Armer was just for fun... we are in fact very good friends. It was merely a strength measurement of ptu vs armer ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtnPmhS_0FE
  5. Sniped in both rounds until piled. Tanked out both rounds. We had an easy win yday. Hope to fight you again ^^. Thanks for the fight...
  6. Sniped the whole fight. AK didn't do a good job today. They had multiple piles (don't want to call it mass sniping here), sometimes up to 3. Mostly with some members scattered around the arena aswell. Managed to tank 4 full invo's, of which 1,5 were anti-sniped. One time I lagged out. Thanks for the fight AK. Next time better I hope.
  7. Didn't make it back home in time from work. Good to see some clans (Eternity) are a good sport, even after an individual member accidently breaks a rule. Bummer I missed it... hope to fight you guys some day ^^
  8. Got thrown off the internet :s lame firewallzz
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