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  1. Exercitum vs Divine Vindicators Exercitum Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=rsexer Divine Vindicators Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=divine_v Rules: Sunday 18th April 2010 Mass at 6.30 pm gmt Start at 7.00 pm gmt - clanwars full out - classic arena - center bounds - melee+binds only - no range - no blasts - no curses - no weakens - 3 man sniper cap - no corrupt items - northern side attacks - rsc post aloud ------------------------------------------------- As we were massing up I was a bit worried, thinking DV would outpull us heavily because they have almost 20 people more on their memberlist. Luckily they didnt have the best turnout and despite us not getting a great turnout either we managed to start with almost the same numbers. The fight started off with us killing our first target rather quickly, while Ultimair was tanking it up for us <3. We closed the gap after a few moments and had a small advantage around the start but DV closed that gap because a member of us was on curses and got dropped fairly fast. DV managed to keep up for a good while, but in the end our members just outtanked DV and our binders were doing a great job, which gave us the opportunity to end strong and eventually end with 13 left. Thanks DV for the enjoyable fight. Was a close fight for a good part and you did really well, hope to do it again sometimes. Goodjob all exercitum members who were here today!
  2. Exercitum vs The Vikings Exercitum Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=rsexer The Vikings Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=teaminiative Rules: Sunday 11th April 2010 Mass at 6.30 pm gmt Start at 7.00 pm gmt - clanwars 1 houre run in - turrets map - melee+binds+range - no blasts - no curses - no weakens - 3 man sniper cap - no corrupt items - highest pull attacks - rsc post aloud ------------------------------------------------- As we were getting ready for our fight it appeared both sides werent gonna get the turnout they were expecting. And to keep things interesting, luckily we both pulled about the same amount of people. The fight started out with us pulling 18 which we got up to 21 a few minutes in. And the vikings started out with 16 which they got up to 20-22 moments later. As we were getting ready to fight we noticed we outlvled the vikings pretty badly. However this didnt reflect on their performance. This was the first time I fought them and I was highly impressed with the tanking and organisation the vikings showed. We managed to have a good start because of our small number advantage and we took the lead. As the fight continued it wasn't long untill the vikings had gotten even with our numbers which made things more interesting. During this run in the vikings made several attempts to gain on us. They got close a few times, but every time they started getting close we performed better and better. In the end the vikings couldnt keep up and we managed to have a decent ending score, ~60-41. Thank you Vikings for this war, it sure was a hard one and was close most of the time which made it very enjoyable. Hopefully we can fight again in the future! Thanks to all exercitum members who were here today!
  3. Well the signup list wasnt looking too good, and soon enough I knew we wouldnt pull 30+ like we did last week. No worries, we cant expect to pull 30+ every week but 21 was a bit too low for our standards. We should always be able to pull 25+ on Sunday wars and it's something we will continue to work on. Another thing which didnt really help us was TP leader asking me 4 hours before the fight to change the time of the war. Apparantly a lot of their members are in TCL, who had a war today at 7pm gmt. So I didnt really have much choice then have our war a bit earlier than normal. Else we wouldnt have gotten a fight for tonight, or a bad one with us outnumbering them badly. The fighted started with both clans pulling 21 (hey had 2 people go in after i took pic) and we were to attack. We didnt one hit our first target but we killed him quite fast, while their target was tanking them. We always killed them a bit faster than they did and we koed several of their members in the process. When we had 36/50 kills they said they were gonna give up because TCL war had started and they were no match for us anyway. Despite the disappointing turnout we had a good performance, with some great tanking and swift ko's on our behalf. Thanks for the fight Team Portugal and goodjob to all Exercitum members who were here tonight!
  4. Exercitum vs Downfall Exercitum Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=rsexer Downfall Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=downfall Rules: Sunday 7th March 2010 Mass at 6.30 pm gmt Start at 7.00 pm gmt - clanwars Turrets 1houre run in - ALL STYLES ALOUD (melee+binds+range+blasts) - no curses - no weakens - 4 man sniper cap - no corrupt items - highest pull attacks - rsc post aloud ------------------------------------------------- First of all I was expecting us to be badly outnumbered as I've seen downfall pull 35+ easily. So at the time of starting I was suprised to see that we had outpulled them. Anyway we had a great pull on our part, and the fight started out with us having 29 starting and downfall 28 members. The fight: This was the first time in months we did an all styles fight and we havent had a fight in turrets in ages, so it was pretty new for all of us and we had to get used to it. Because of this we started out slowly performing less good than usual. Nevertheless we managed to keep up with downfall and keep the kills even. Eventhough we outnumbered them (by 1 person) at the start, as the fight continued downfall had more and more people getting online and i think i saw them peak at 36 people in game while we peaked at 30 people in game. Despite downfall having the number advantage we kept the kills really close. The last 10 minutes we were determined to win it and had a lot of ko's with a couple of df members tanking it. The ending was really close, one of our closest fights for sure so props for that. Thanks for the fight Downfall, was a lot of fun. Goodjob to all exercitum members for being there, was a great turnout!
  5. Exercitum Vs Metsavennad: round 1 First of all i'm happy with our turnout today, we pulled 28 people and COULD have gotten 30 but one person was few seconds late and another forgot about it while being online. Anyway despite that 28 is still very nice, but suprisingly MV pulled even more and had 31 starting. Even while being outnumbered we still had a good chance at winning, but unfortunately they rushed us before we were ready causing us to quickly pick a target which apparently was one of their best tankers. We kept the gap close for a while but in the end there wasnt much we could do. We faced our loss and saved our strength for the second round which was matched. Exercitum Vs Metsavennad: round 2 After having a bad start and a pretty big loss first round our minds were set at winning the second round. This round being matched we knew we had a better chance at winning and so we started out fighting 25 vs 25 (MV cut from 29). The fight started out pretty even, both first targets tanked it well, with our member tanking it a bit longer. This gave us a small edge over them. As the fight continued we had a few quick ko's on their binders giving us the opportunity to expand the lead, and giving us a big ending. Thanks for both fights Metsavennad, you had an impressing turnout though i'm happy with our pull aswell. Goodjob to all exer members who were here today!
  6. Exercitum Vs Imprecation Thursday 4th February 2010 Massing at 6.30 pm gmt Fighting at 7.00 pm gmt We agreed upon the following Rules: clanwars classic 1houre run in Center boundaries melee+binds+range 3 man sniper cap no corrupt items no blasting no curses highest pull attacks rsc post aloud Exercitum Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=rsexer Imprecation Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=clanoff To begin with, we had a disappointing turnout and things werent looking very good. I was expecting Imprecation to pull about 25 people, but luckily they only pulled 20ish at the start. So we started out fighting with 16 exer vs 21 imprecation. Also gratz to Duck elite on getting 99 defense, hope you tanked it great today :P From the moment we saw we werent gonna be THAT much outnumbered, we knew we had a good chance at winning because we destroyed them in matched last week and we knew they werent all great tanks. From the start we were winning outnumbered and i dont think we were ever losing at any point. We were killing them so fast they could barely keep up. They peaked at about 22 people in clanwars and we peaked at 19 i think. Though near the end we started outnumbering them because they couldnt return fast enough and we were tanking them alot longer. Anyway, despite the bad turnout our performance was great. The binding was great, our tanking was great and our snipers did a great job harassing people :P Lets forgot about the negative part and work on that, for now just be happy with our performance. Goodjob guys and thanks for the fight Imprecation ;)
  7. Exercitum vs Lithuanian Mighty Exer Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=rsexer Lm Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wytaz Rules: Sunday 10 January 2010 Mass at 6.30 pm gmt Start at 7.00 pm gmt - Cwa arena Classic Area - Melee + Binds Only - Centre Bounds - No corrupt - No range - North Spawn Attacks - Ring Allowed - No Mass sniping - 3 sniper cap - RSC post allowed ------------------------------------------------- First of all we had a great turnout pulling 33/43 members. Outpulling LM by 3 people in the full out and by 6 people in the matched fight. Full Out: We had a good start killing our first target quickly, while their first target was tanking them to africa. We kept the lead and never looked back, ending with 19 people. Exer Startings: 33 people Lm Startings: 30 People Ending score: Exer 19 - Lm 0 Matched: When the second round was about to start LM had one dc, which didnt really make a big difference as we dominated this round from the moment we clashed. We caught several LM in robes dropping them in seconds by making some fast transitions, which in the end gave us a convincing victory. Exer Starting: 27 (cut to 22) Lm Starting: 22 (1 dc) Ending score: Exer 18 - LM 0 Thanks for both fights LM, hope to do it again sometimes. Goodjob exer on the great pull and great performance! Video by Minikillers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFWR5OvM7dM Video by Nick On Ice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-4r2jk-XCM
  8. Added another vid (second one is better imo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVW4sqWjzFE
  9. Exercitum vs Lithuanian Warriors Somebody was supposed to post this last night but apparently forgot about it so i'm posting it now. Rules: Tuesday 5 January 2010 Mass at 6.30 pm gmt Start at 7.00 pm gmt CWA matched opts Melee+binds+range 3 man sniper cap No corrupt items No blasts or curses Rings aloud Highest pull attacks War world 85 ------------------------------------------------- We had a nice pull and matched up with Ltw and surprisingly we both pulled 29. We hopped to W118 since W85 was too laggy for them. The fight started with us attacking Static Oo which got dropped pretty quickly. While we got a new pile their first target was still tanking. Our snipers did an amazing job, dropping their binders with only 3 on them, giving us a comfortable lead. We kept the lead up in the war and succeeded in taking this victory home. Goodjob Exercitum and thanks for the fight LTW! Exercitum Starting opts: Ending score: Exer 16 - Ltw 0 Some screens from the war: Link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVW4sqWjzFE
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