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  1. Forums | #Rs-Ascension | Memberlist Ascension vs Northern Kings So originally NK asked us for a cwa fight, after being about 15 minutes late to start we decided to get another war against a more challenging clan, when we finally got it we decided to do a matched round while we waited for our other fight to mass up. Ascension Starting - 22 Northern Kings Starting - 22 Everything was on lock and we went on a 1 hit spree, smacking them left and right while our members tanked out, they left the cc at 19-11 Ascension Ending - 19 Northern Kings Ending - 0 Pictures Ascension Vs Brutal Forces Ascension Starting - 23 Brutal Forces Starting - 19 We started off with a high intensity starting to get an impressive lead at the start but as Brutal Forces began to gain and our intensity started to slip, they managed to pick their game up and at the end they got the win Ascension Ending Kills - 46 Brutal Forces Ending Kills - 55 Pictures Rev Caves We decided to head out into p2p wilderness after our scrap with Brutal Forces, after getting Stephen hit out in single to a jaja 1 itemer, we went to rev caves and got some nice loot, from Angelo screaming for his first whip pk in a year to just generally slaying teams Pictures
  2. Forums | #Rs-Ascension | Memberslist ASCENSION VERSUS EXALT Video Uploading Exalt asked us for a CWRI this tuesday, we were determined CWRI or PKRI to show them who was the better clan. When the fight started we entered transition city, almost tripling their kills and achieving 200 kills in 55 minutes, at 200 kills we let a few of our other members lead and we ended with a strong 217 Kills to their 72. Ascension Starting - 31 People ( Peaked at 35 ) Exalt Starting - 24 People ( Peaked at 28 ) Ascension Ending - 33 People - 217 Kills ( 3.6 Kills Per Minute ) Exalt Ending - 16 People ( 25 on TS ) - 72 Kills ( 1.2 Kills Per Minute ) Pictures
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