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  1. Good fight DI, thanks for the fight.
  2. How about adding HP/Prayer/Run Orbs on the mini map like the orion client.
  3. Forums | Swift IRC: #rs-ascension | Memberlist Ascension's 2nd Anniversary Ascension was founded on November 20, 2009 by three men. Ivan (Anti__Rob), Johnny (Redanarchy), and Angelo (Zeldagamer13). February 2010, Ascension agreed to a merge with the leader of Godz of Destruction, Spencstar. The merge was successful, and Ascension was able to fight the next tier of clans. During our first year of existence, we had many rivalries such as The Flipscapes Clan, Kurimao Reborn, Legacy, and Poison. In our second year, we had rivalries with Envy, Exodus, Exalt, and Crimson Raiders. I would like to thank all of the past rivalries for giving us intense battles, and motivating us to strive to do more. We could not have achieved the 58+ pull, and for pumping us up to win the many battles we had. Since day one of this clan, we have wanted to grow, become closer, and just enjoy each other's company together. Johnny: You sir have been a great friend and leader of Ascension. You have helped build this clan from ground up, and continue to care for this clan. Your advice and tips helped this clan become stronger, and guide us in the right direction. Without you bro, we wouldn't have made it this far. Thanks for everything you have done, and glad I had a chance to lead with you. Ivan: Without you, this clan would not even exist, nor be alive to this day. You and Johnny have helped built a great place to hang, chill, and just enjoy each others company. Also, you have done a great job at helping lead this clan and made sure our organization was always improving in Ascension. Great official and friend, and glad you are still here for us. Spenc: Even though you may be annoying at times, you have always wanted to keep ascending, and helped Ascension fight the clans we battle today. With your help to make sure that this merge was successful, and helping to keep this clan under control. Ritchie and Crunkeh: Thank you for you two stepping up, and was able to bring this clan back up after the problems we have ran into. Thanks for being able to put the time and effort, and being the only GMT officials we had, especially for a PST clan. I'm really glad both of you have joined this year, and making things possible. Keep it up! Ruhed: Thank you for helping the growth of this clan, and wanting us to keep moving forward. You have improved so much as a person since the first day you joined in December 2009, and able to communicate with everyone very well. You help bring out the best in us when warring, and keeping us wanting to war even more. Good job, and continue doing the great work you are doing. Richard: Mr. Council since day one! You may be the quietest person, but you are a great Council, and glad you were part of the start of this clan. Thanks for all the effort, and your patience with us. Great guy, and overall a great Council. Stephen: Haven't known you for that long, but you are also part of the reason why we pulled out of that slump we had. You brought new members into the community, and was able to give that push that we needed in order to get back up and start owning once again. Thank you sir. Legends: (Jay, Dennis, David, Ivan (Cruel Killer), Brian, Ceejay, Alex, Lex, Marjan, Steve) Your advices, tips, and your time has made Ascension a better place to be a part of. Thank you so much you guys! Senior Members: Leo, Sebby, Martin, Ram, Max (Flippers), Jan, Joseph, Cintia, Greenhood, Ian, Joanne) You guys are the core group of people in Ascension. You have been there for the fun, drama, and the slumps we have had in the past. You have never left even though it got tough, and I thank you for your dedication. You guys are great role models for the members of Ascension. Ascension Members: Without any of YOU, Ascension would not be here, or even alive today. All of you have been amazing, and hope you guys reach that Senior Member rank by the next anniversary. Keep up the great efforts, and I am sure you will be able to reach that goal of becoming a Senior Member in Ascension. Community Members: Thanks for the support, love, motivation, and cheering us on in all the wars/events we have had this year. You guys are awesome, and hope you continue on supporting us in the future. Ascension, we have had an amazing second year! The third year is already here, and hope to continue on fighting side by side of each of you, and continue to ascend. Keep up the work, and make sure to always improve on the little things or big things that need to be worked on. Happy 2 Years Everyone! Ascension - There are no limits
  4. Crunkeh: Swift IRC: #Rs-Ascension So four days ago MMA came to us asking for a PVP PKRI. We knew MMA would pull similar to us and we had to really perform well to win. We pulled a healthy 30 people and after a few world changes, got set to fight. Ascension Starting: 90 Opts MMA Starting: 96 Opts Ascension: MMA: Todays fight started with Ascension rushing MMA on top of spiders, from this point we basically had MMA running all over the battlefield regrouping. We had some great styles and binds, and our snipers did some serious damage to the binders of MMA. We tanked great today (even i dragged MMA off me and i use touchpad :kanye: what now). It's a shame MMA had to bring DG, start 10 minutes late and break bounds. Ascension Ending: 84 Opts (-1 random) MMA Ending: 0 on battlefield (Logged after going to mossies) Pictures of the fight (+ some rule breaking :wub: ) Heading to mossies? Randoms Sniping Thanks for the Fight MMA, We had you 90% of the fight :). Shoutouts: -Callers who stepped up today -Snipers doing work -Angelo for being a beast -Suhhus for letting me use Joanne when he's not about :hi:
  5. Forums | #Rs-Ascension | Videos | Memberlist This fine early morning, we hard Runescape Dinasty were fighting Australian Army, and thought we would stroll along and loot their fight. As three Ascension members were looting, we were mugged by 15 opts of Torment. As they killed Patrick and I, I decided to pull an Unmandatory PK Trip to show that we are not going to bend over! So Ascension took 5 Minutes to mass 6 People. Ascension Starting: 18 Opts Torment Starting: 15 Opts (No Picture) As the fight started, we took immediate control by man handling their binders. As soon as we decked three of their members, they have fled to mossies. At this point, we have gained an additional three more people, and ended with a total of 27 opts. As some people left, we saw Torment re-massing at mossies, and decide to hit them once again. They had the same starting opts, while we started with 21 opts. The fight started once again with us taking control, then Torment ran to singles (Fishing Spot). Good fight Torment, was a fun fight, and hope to do more in the future! Ascension Final Ending: 18 Opts Torment Ending: Cleared from battle field with 9 opts at mossies. Random Picture: Shout Outs: Late Night Unit for coming on short notice Guns NRoses repping that PI Unit Jan for being Bakla Ether for his Range! Patrick for the amazing range Kassie for the amazing binds David for his turbo SWAG Ritchie for just waking up and attending this quick war The Titans (Jrvn) for the AC
  6. Forums | #Rs-Ascension | Videos | Memberlist Today, we massed up 20 wonderful members of Ascension for round 2 of the Jagex Cup that Runescape.com is hosting. We made jokes, we laughed, and just enjoyed ourselves during mass. Once 10 Minutes were left during massing, we put our war face on, and prepared ourselves for an epic battle. Ascension Starting: 20 Wilderland Starting: 20 The fight started out with us KO'ing the first opponent. Our members tanking it out, we suddenly got a DC, and it caused WL to keep things even. Once we gathered ourselves together and refocused, we continued to kill their members faster then them. At the end of this battle, we took victory, ending with nine Ascension Members, and 0 Wilderland members on the field. Once again, Good fight WL, hope we may fight again in the future! Hope everyone had fun today, and keep Ascending Ascension! Ascension Ending: 9 Wilderland Ending: 0 War Pictures: Shout Outs: - Happy Birthday to Ha5h_1 - Happy Birthday to Cintiac - Cruel Killer - #1 4nr who will never get Zybez Exclusive - Victor - #1 Tank - Steve and Kassie, Last Hybrids - David for the Leading - GunsNroses representing Philippine Unit
  7. Made by Ritchie: Forums | #Rs-Ascension | Memberslist ASCENSION VERSUS POISON About a week ago, Poison approached us for a week prep PKRI. Rules were an all styles, 1 hour PKRI. We were excited to fight our old rival in PvP, for the first time in about a year, and had a decent pull to show for it. The fight started with us taking control, and dominating start to finish. Needless to say, numbers played a role, but our binding, tanking and performance was on-par. Thanks for fight Poison, and thanks for the AC Downfall. Startings; Ascension's Starting: 93 Options Poison Starting: 78 Options (16:10:41) <Spenc> venomous (16:10:44) <Spenc> what was your starting (16:10:53) <Venomous> 75 Endings; Ascension's Ending: 108 Options/35 on TS Poison Ending: 57 Options Video Of the fight made by Disgorge6667: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVxjDUEDMjc&feature=player_embedded Pictures of the Fight No Rune lol? Good fight, Poison.
  8. Looked like you guys had fun :shades:
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