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  1. Thanks for posting that. I believe you are correct in that it would only work with the old client. Some work was done back when the NXT Client was released but it was never finished as there were too many problems with it.
  2. Is your Windows language setting something other than English?
  3. Ok can be downloaded from main downloads page: http://www.swiftkit.net/index.php?page=downloads
  4. Oh ok. Yeah I haven't pushed the update yet. It will require a re-install since it can't even get to the check for updates stage. I'll post once the new installer is available.
  5. I was able to fix the launcher, but SwiftKit doesn't even load RuneScape anymore by the looks of it. What were you guys doing with it?
  6. Hi, Please see the main thread; https://forum.tip.it/topic/334173-swifkit-suddenly-down/
  7. Hi, Please see the main thread; https://forum.tip.it/topic/334173-swifkit-suddenly-down/
  8. Looks like it's happening to me too guys. I'll take a look tomorrow evening and see if I can see what's going on.
  9. What mode of RuneScape?
  10. What happens? SwiftKit never shows up? Try right click run as admin.
  11. The SwiftKit project has been in maintenance mode for a few years now. No upcoming updates are planned.
  12. What features in SwiftKit do you use/prefer?
  13. We're working on integrating the new NXT client with SwiftKit.
  14. Stidor

    IMGUR down?

    Ah...I think they've deprecated the API version we use. I'll take a look, sorry about that I did get an email a little while ago but forgot.
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