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  1. ReDrOc

    SK crashing

    [30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Starting up...[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Starting up...launcher version is 1.65.29[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] App data folder path is C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Checking folder structure[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Attempt to set browser emulation[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Check if drive is NTFS[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Starting cleanup[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Variables set[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Delete all temp files[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Delete all temp folders[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] exiting cleanup temp data[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Finished cleaning up temp data[30/12/15 2:13:50 PM] Initialize finished
  2. ReDrOc

    SK crashing

    Every time I load up SK, it crashes immediately. I've uninstalled and re-installed but the problem remains the same. I'm using Windows10 but I think thats irrelevant since this is the first time that its happened.
  3. ReDrOc

    Screen Resolution

    I am so stupid...thanks E: Didn't work
  4. Is there going to be an update to increase screen resolution ie. 1920x1080? Because it's annoying taking screenshots when the max screen res on swiftkit is too low...
  5. If you go to the skills calculator and click on a skill, Swiftkit crashes. I thought it was only me till I got a friend to do the same thing and he crashed as well. E: I have Windows 8 x64 if that helps at all
  6. There's like 3 big clans now who have 80+ members each. Rest probably have a small memberbase which will bring down the average alot, so it isn't really a suprise
  7. wasn't there, but glad we won!
  8. Clans ddos'ing each other to beat eachother with no rematches (happened to us vs VR). Numerous clans dropping out and it just took too long to complete because of mods extending an already long deadline
  9. A clan like Rune Raiders who have died for a long time will not succeed if they reform. Re-opened clans never do succeed. The majority of the members who were in the clan would have already been integrated within other clans and the likely hood of them re-opening would be low. Only the hardcore members and officials would join the re-opening but that'll probably only consist of 20-30 members. Gaining more members will be difficult so gl to Rune Raiders. As for Solace, when Shadow Elves died, Solace pretty much re-opened a week later so the clan members who were in SE pretty much joined Solace instantly. Since SE were such a good and organised clan, they really had no problems in fights and gained reputation throughout the clan world which bought them non-exclan members. Once a remake/re-opened clan gains members elsewhere, they would succeed
  10. The last tip.it tournament was a success imo, why not? We should keep the 2vs2 as random pairings. It worked well last time.
  11. Not worth it. They're giving you too short a deadline to fight
  12. Lordhotshot I will ban you if you do anything to me :thumbup: You could apply? ......
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