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  1. Gj Rbh, nice to see you getting better :D
  2. GJ CE! As I can see, it was a nice performance.
  3. Guys what do you think about this 2011 tournament that is coming up. I've some doubts since Tip.it is "Dying"..I hope it is not going to be a fail.
  4. Gj DF.. Killerred is a proud member of DF as I can see..
  5. Good job Ph, keep getting good reps and you'll be great clan!
  6. Great job TBk, It's cool to see Steel wars re-born'd.
  7. Grats Pure Hatred! You guys are showing a lot of improve!
  8. gj Poison, I wonder if Solar angels will ever come back
  9. You guys had a great run. I will not forget my days in TK. I was watching you guys during the last 2-3 months and you guys were very good. RIP TK
  10. where are you?

  11. WE ARE THE BEST TEAM!!! Gj guys, thanks for the fight HP.
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