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  1. jstunit

    Se vs TT

    He was warlord and council.
  2. jstunit

    Se vs TT

    VS  (19:55:25) <Leah> omg ^^ one of our fi leader's reaction to the result. RULES 1st round: All styles 2nd round: m+b+r 2 sniper cap w11 Cwa Matched opts 8:45est start, who ever arrives at 8:56 gives Jst unit01 a rune scimitar when free trade comes back.(TT) 1st Round Starting Se:35 TT:35 Ending Se:15 TT:0 The first round went well for us because of Leah's motivating voice and everyone just went hard on TT and got the lead easily, but TT got the lead in 25-25 mark due to people getting KO'd at the back, but our tanks got us back to 22-20 and extended the lead from there on. Good job everyone, we had nice styles, and tank. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Round Starting Se:31 TT:31 Ending Se:0 TT:13 This war started off good for us, Jst Unit01 mage prayed from southeast wall to northwest wall to southwest wall and tanked for 10 secs after he got bound giving Silent Ember a two man lead, but at the 28-26 mark we got a pile split and TT got a 2 man lead after that and they extended the lead from there on. When we knew we had no chance stop going for the win and started going for Vannaka 1992 who was an Ex SE warlord. Sorry about that TT, we wasted some of your time.
  3. Was fun! Blasted the whole cluster
  4. We had tons of them vs corruption and rsd.
  5. jstunit

    CR vs SE

    Had the lead for awhile, but we lost it :(
  6. The vid shows how great df could do in a 40 vs 60 vrs.
  7. No order Demon4949 Dennisbruv Thealth A-freak1 Peterh007
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