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  1. DGK


    I think this should be in the TWR forum. :smile: And yes there is a change after a TWR topic is made. Whoever wins the fight will be received points, And the clan that loses the fight will be rewarded with points also, but not as many as the winner. ^ Idk if that answers you're question, But ya know. :mrgreen:
  2. I prefer PVP because of the fun of it, But I think if you fought in CWA it would make more of an exact finish in a run in for instants, In CWA it tells you who got more kills, But in PVP, To determine the winner, you have to find out who has more people at the end of the time cap. <_< I like the both equally. :shades:
  3. DGK

    CR vs AA

    Congrats CR. :thumbup:
  4. Welcome back to the clan world, Congrats on you're win. :thumbup:
  5. Also, Matt, Or kaskfdsfs whatever you're name is. It's Metal not Matel. Lmfao.
  6. Looked like a close fight, Congrats TT. :thumbup:
  7. Loving the pulls by both sides, Congrats CE. :thumbup:
  8. Nicely pulls both, Congrats on the win RSD. :thumbup:
  9. First, Congrats Downfall. :thumbup:
  10. We would still like chill in IRC/TS and talk to each other on Forums, Doubt we'd all start playing a new game. But we've got a World of war craft and Black ops unit, We own. :ohnoes:
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