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  1. Never had it much easier bind/blast sniping today. So amazed with how much we pulled, performed, and ended with. Keep it up, lovelies!
  2. Runescape Dinasty Vs Reign of Terror We asked RoT for a 3 hour cap fight earlier today. They agreed and we established the following rules: Hour one: Maximum of 15 snipersHours two and three: Maximum of 20 snipersDungeoneering allowed RSD Starting: 225 ROT Starting: 225 Having not fought RoT recently we were interested to see how they would fair. The fight was fast-paced, with more frequent pile clashes than is the norm in this type of fight. Both clans seemed to strengthen towards the later stages of the fight. Kudos to RoT for arranging the fight and for offering a resilient performance. I'm not sure to what extent anyone can claim a win when the fight was relatively close and both clans gained numbers, so consider this more of a report. RSD Ending: ~280 RoT Ending: ~255 Thanks for the fight RoT, and thanks for the AC Divine Forces.
  3. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- The Titans Date: July 14th 2011 Rules: Uncapped Starting: Runescape Dinasty: 153 Options (55 on ts) Titans: 180 Options (60 on ts) Summary: With a stale day out pking yesterday RSD'ians decided we wanted to go out pking again today. After wandering the wilderness we found The Titans clan massing. We waited until they massed and rushed them on their first world. The fight commenced on world 33 of runescape dot com. Both clans started out with a bang and were running at full force. Trading kills back and forth. After about 30mins we started gaining the mass's and reached 70 on ts and started putting on the pressure. The Titans managed to push back about 3 hours in but we set our feet firm and pushed right back twice as hard. During the last hour we followed TT's regroups and wrangled their snipers fairly easily. After 4 hours of fight The Titans decided to log and leave RSD victorious. Ending: Runescape Dinasty:261 Immediate Options (90 on ts) Titans: 0 Logged Screenshots/Shout Outs Milad for losing his rapier lmfao :wub: Lil Blaknite for getting 25mil mage xp in 2011 Thanks for the AC Divine Forces Good Fight The Titans, and Keep Active RSD. :thumbsup: Keep it clean friends.
  4. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Violent Resolution Date: Monday 11th July This is going to be short and factual as I'm tired as stink. VR asked us for a week prep last week and we decided to accept, even with the member advantage they had over us we were confident that our dedication and quality would put us on top. Summary: RSD Starting: 301 Options (95 on ts) Violent Resolution Starting: 360 Options (120 on ts) We logged into world 113 and rushed VR on top of spiders. After waiting a few seconds for Jagex's server to catch up with the options we started to gain momentum and sent 30 snipers to occupy VR's main pile. As VR increase their swat on us, we were dealing with them admirably, constantly clearing them. We hit their main pile a few times but after 342 second loading screens every time we tried, constantly colliding piles was pretty much a futile exercise and we concentrated on clear VR's large swat unit whilst our 35 man sniper unit completely crippled VR's main pile.. VR began to drop on TS as we gained to around 106/107 people for the majority of the fight and after the 4 hour mark, VR's pile was in such a bad state that they resorted to mass sniping our snipers, eventually pulling their snipers back completely after 5-6 hours. VR then decided to mass snipe completely in the castle east of new gate. We merged our main pile with snipers and began to do work, mass sniping back but to such an extent that our K/D soared whilst VR's plummeted. TS was electric as we were one hitting people left and right, eventually forcing VR into running west of spiders to EP DD hill. For the next 2 hours, we chased VR's regroups from EP DD hills, to gdz, to new gate, to corp gave then back around. This continued until after 8 Hours, 4 minutes and 30 seconds we took ending at members gate with no VR that we were visibly able to kill left on the battlefield. RSD: Kills: 1424 - Deaths: 1085 VR: Kills: 1112 - Deaths: 1415 RSD Ending: 318 Options (113 on ts) Violent Resolution Ending: You tell me.... ACCURATE Statistics: This was a track of our TS numbers throughout the fight: Screenshots: RSD Starting RSD Ending
  5. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Solace Date: Tuesday 28th June The last time we fought Solace in matched opts, we didn't put up a great performance. Although winning 1/2 rounds it still felt like a loss because our performance was dismal so today we were pretty pumped to make amends and show Solace what we were really made of. Round 1 Summary: RSD Starting: 50 People (Cut From 71) Solace Clan Starting: 50 People This round started off pretty well, getting a quick KO on our first pile and transitioning onto another Solace member in robes who was nearby. Our binds slacked a little bit at the start as people struggled to get to grips with our location however we never lost sight on Solace and the fight stayed even until around the 40-40 person mark when an unnamed RSD member pulled out the beast tank mode and dragged Solace around whilst we made quick work of their pile, bringing the fight in our favour by 3 people. After this point it was all downhill for Solace as we ran train on their pile, eventually ending with a very respectable and solid 25 people as Solace quickly left cc after realising that any attempts to recover were futile. RSD Ending: 25 People Solace Clan Ending: 0 People Round 2 Summary: RSD Starting: 47 People (Cut From 70) Solace Clan Starting: 47 People This round was just perfection on our part and possibly the best matched opts display this year. We started off extremely well, with no trouble with binds this time, opting for a couple of extra melee binders compared to the previous round where we slightly suffered on binds in the beginning of the fight. However, this round, everything was on lock, we had amazing styles and amazing binds throughout the whole fight and this really put us on top form, transitioning through Solace's pile with ease, one hitting Solace hybrids and rangers one after another as they stood out giving us free transitions. Enjoilife pulled off a stinking sick tank and it was lights out for Solace as they knew after beasting to a quick leading buffer of 10 people that it was all over. Ending with an amazing 31 people left, we were pretty pleased with our performance. Thanks for the fight Solace, it's always a pleasure to fight you. RSD Ending: 31 People Solace Clan Ending: 0 People Screenshots:
  6. Topic stealing noob :( Good fight ROT.
  7. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Violent Resolution Clan Date: Monday 20th June VR approached us for a fight today, assuming that they had prepped for this we were pretty keen to make up for the small blip that we had on Saturday. Eventually agreeing to a 4:45 EST start time, we began to pump people up for the fight which was finally what we wanted. No pathetic rules, no small cap, this was the one we'd been waiting for. Summary: RSD Starting: 225 Options (75 on ts) Violent Resolution Clan Starting: 270 Options (90 on ts) ish.? There was some confusion on the start world for the fight and as we walked up to west tree to hop over, VR rushed us from the top of spiders, one hitting our fall in leader. Slightly startled, we picked our first pile and began the fight. Obviously we were outnumbered by around 20-30 people at the start of the fight which hindered us during the first hour. However, we sent snipers and kept a strong pile, mainly concentrating on clearing VR's large Swat unit at the point, whilst our snipers did a good job of keeping VR's pile away for the most part. After around an hour, we picked up numbers on TS to around 85-90 people and we began to get into the fight properly. Initially down on K/D to VR for the first 60 mins, our main pile made swift work of VR's snipers, clearing them at multiple points whilst beginning to constantly barrage VR's main pile with swift and precise transitions. VR seemed to be slightly startled at their lack of organisation as we began to force them into regroups for the second hour of the fight. VR's Swat was a completely non existant force during the third hour as VR constantly regrouped west of spiders and new gate. We increased our snipers to 30 people as VR were just running away from our main pile, dropping any hope of a come back as they weren't even attacking us back. Our snipers were doing mammoth jobs at keeping their fall in leaders and binders at bay as our main pile constantly trailed around VR's regroups for the last 60 minutes of the fight. Thanks alot for the 1 on 1 fight, hopefully we can do that again some time? RSD Kills: 533 Deaths: 450 (k/d 1.184) VR Kills: 441 Deaths: 545 (k/d 0.809) GRAPHS, CHARTS, K/D VISUALISATIONS AT THE BOTTOM RSD Ending: 291 Options (103 on ts) Violent Resolution Clan Ending: 0 Options (Logged Out) Screenshots: And here's one for Arma150
  8. IRC: #RSD @SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty vs Echo Of Silence Date: 06/14/11 Rules: Uncapped Starting: Runescape Dinasty: 80 Options (30 on ts) Echo Of Silence: 120 Options (40 on ts) Summary: We played Runescape dot com, killed some people, and called it a night. Ending: Runescape Dinasty: 204 Immediate Options (74 on ts) Echo Of Silence: Logged Screenshots Thanks for the AC: Reign of Terror Clan.
  9. Proud of everyone that showed up today. Showing that we can bounce back from a loss and continue doing what we do best. #
  10. Good job RSD lovelies. The K/D ratio speaks for itself.
  11. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Corruption & Echo of Silence Date: Monday 29th May We massed up today with the intent to hit EoS, initially hitting them for around 15-20 minutes after a 5-10 minute mass on world61. After our numbers started getting in game, we overwhelmed EoS and they decided to log out, whilst we hopped to world 123 to engage Corruption who were pking there. Summary RSD Starting: 210 Options (75 on ts) Corruption Starting: 180 opts Echo of Silence Starting: 45-50 on ts After around 5-10 minutes of fighting Corruption with a number advantage on world 123, we agreed to hop worlds and leave TT and RoT in peace, (sorry for the confusion). Within 2 minutes, we had hopped to world 93 and resumed fighting. After around 5 minutes EoS rushed in, (after initially engaging them on a previous world, they decided to continue engaging us on this world.) We decided to put ourselves to the test and accepted fighting both COR + EoS. (We never asked CoR to clear EoS or reversed). Initially we were slightly overwhelmed by both piles constantly barraging however after a few inspiring words and some quick thinking, we managed to pull back into the fight. Our 20 snipers took care of EoS whilst our main pile concentrated on Corruption. We peaked at 95 actives on teamspeak after around 50 minutes of fighting and began to dominate the fight.. We transitioned through Corruptions pile, as EoS was having problems containing our 20 snipers and rarely came anywhere near our main pile. Whenever they came within sight, we swiftly transitioned through their pile, sending them on their way for another 10 minutes to regain numbers. This continued for another 15-20 minutes until Echo of Silence decided to log out (Apparently regrouping on another world however they never returned) 15 minutes later and around 90 minutes after the fight intiated on world 93, Corruption decided to call it a day and log out. Major respect for giving us a great fight, hope to fight you again soon. By no respect could Corr be considered as "teaming" with EoS, at no point did they collaborate with eachother, just want to make that clear. Keep this topic clean. Thanks for the fight :thumbsup: RSD Ending: 276 Options (95 on TS) Corruption Ending: 0 Logged Out Echo of Silence Ending: 0 Logged Out Screenshots RSD Ending
  12. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Echo of Silence Date: Sunday May 22nd Starting: RSD: 114opts EOS: 105 I guess lol With word of EOS out, we massed up a quick 30 people and rushed them just above mossies. The fight was back and forth for around 15mins until we got our TS numbers in game and sent 10 snipers. Once our snipers hit the impact was instant. After around 45mins of following EOS regroups they finally called it a day and logged leaving RSD victorious. Taste that rainbow :thumbsup: Ending: RSD: 222 EOS: 0 Logged
  13. Runescape Dinasty vs Violent Resolution Date: Wednesday, May 18th Rules: Unplanned/ Uncapped After 4 world hops hunting Vr, we finally caught them and the fight began. Starting: Runescape Dinasty: 201 Opts Violent Resolution: 185 Opts (?) 4 Hours of ownage later VR decided to log out leaving RSD victorioous for the second time this week. Ending: Runescape Dinasty: 250 opts Violent Resolution: 0 logged. Thanks for the AC KO, and good job to all RSD there today, keep active. :thumbsup: RSD Starting: RSD Ending:
  14. VS IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Violent Resolution :teehee: Date: Monday 16th May VR pmed us earlier today wanting to setup a fight, we told them we were going out and waited for them to mass up and hit us. After walking around a few worlds killing some looters at various fights until we got word of VR walking up to mossies on world 14. We quickly hopped over and rushed them on top of spiders to start the fight. Summary RSD Starting: 195 Options (75 on ts) Violent Resolution Starting: 70 People on ts (Need Confirmation) Right off the bat, everything was on lock. We transitioned through VR's pile non stop, with spam off the screen and VR struggling to find any footfall in the fight at all. We immediately sent 15 snipers to hinder VR's pile whilst we trailed them picking off all their stragglers, looters and AFKers whilst they still hadn't sent any snipers on us, giving us free reign to destroy them without any hesitation. Finally after around 30 minutes, VR decided to send their swat unit but it was't really anything that we couldn't handle and constantly managed to clear their snipers, moving onto and making swift work of their main pile. This continued until around the 80-90 minute mark when VR decided to sacrifice any organisation in their main pile whatsoever and send 40 snipers on us. After getting into our groove, we were quickly powering through VR's snipers whilst their main pile mass sniped our 15 snipers at vents. VR peaked on TS at around this time with a reported 103 people to our 80/85 but still couldn't handle us, quickly losing motivation and dropping numbers like flies in the last hour. Eventually around 15-20 minutes before they actually called off returning altogether we were clearing the 2/3 snipers that were still left returning and trailing their main pile regroups around as they made their way back and forth from New Gate to Spiders and then back again. After around 15 minutes of this monotonous and overused tactic they finally decided to log out and call off returning. Thanks for the fight VR :thumbsup: RSD Ending: 255 Options (85 on TS) VR Ending: 0 Logged Out (73 on TS - Confirmed) Screenshots RSD Starting RSD Ending RSD total k:308 d:244 VR total k:243 d:305
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