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  1. Clan Europe -vs- Higher Force Gaz set up this war for us before Christmas so it was quite a long prep but luckily for us, it payed off well: CJ Full Out, Classic Map - Center Bounds, Ring Charging NOT Allowed, Dungeoneering NOT Allowed, Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed, North Spawn Attacks We were really anxious about what HF would pull. We thought they would get anywhere in the region between 60-70 and so we went all out into preparing for this war. CJ Full Out: All Styles - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 210 HF Starting Ops: 174 CE had another cracking pull following on from the 50 to our 30v30 vs DG on Monday. 70 is our second highest pull ever, second best to 73 we pulled to another full out vs DH two years ago. We outpulled HF and the war started with us rushing. Our leading was a bit shaky to start with but after a while we got into the flow of things and cleaned house. I heard that HF's TS got DDOSed at some stage during the fight, its a shame that it happened and the scoreline would not have looked like it did, had it not occured. Well done CE, another top pull to start off the year rewarded by a unique speech and singing from Bas Wizzy. CE Ending Ops: 183 HF Ending Ops: 0 Thanks for the fight Higher Force, best of luck in your other categories. Dudeh
  2. Clan Europe -vs- Dutch Generation Drawn against DG for our 30-vs-30, Gaz set up the war with the following rules as our first war of 2011: CJ 30-vs-30, Classic Map - Center Bounds, Ring Charging Allowed, Dungeoneering Allowed, Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed, North Spawn Attacks DG has become very strong in matched ops recently, we've lost a number of wars against them and prepared hard for it. Round 1: All Styles - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 90 DG Starting Ops: 90 CE pulled a cracking 50 people to this war giving us a lot of flexebility who we picked to war. DG pulled ~32 and both clans cut down to keep 1 at the portal. DG danced SE and we rushed in and KO our first target. From there our styles gave us an upper hand allowing us to KO a lot of our targets where DG piled a handful of our tanks. Some of our transitions were shaky but for the main part it was a solid performance overall. Thanks to all the CE members who attended and got cut, really appreciate the dedication guys, well done. CE Ending Ops: 66 DG Ending Ops: 0 Thanks for the clean war DG, its always a pleasure to war you guys. Best of luck in your other categories! Thanks; ~Dr Dudeh~
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