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  1. Has Returned after his leave of 2 years Rejoice fellow members of Clan Discussion Discussion question so this topic doesn't get locked Can one individual alter an entire clan for positive/negative? Have you seen this happen , how did it happen?
  2. rip legend banned l0l

  3. A 10 minute prep while most of our members had events, thanks bro.
  4. Bye Illusion you guys were pretty cool.
  5. RuneScape Name: Evertonfc88 RuneScape Clan: Titans Collision
  6. thats why I got promoted to scout LOL SAS MAD As you also blame Jackal for Ill becoming bad I believe it was him who wrongfully gave you that promotion. I blame the tlal and the kk41 for most of it KK41 for Ill leader
  7. 1. VR 2. EOS 3. DF 4. TT 5. RSD 6. Rot 7. Cor 8. CL 9. TR 10. CR 11. TRWF 12. Exo 13. Notorious 14. Col 15. WL 16. TMC 17. 2Mighty 18. Illusion 19. MMA 20. TCL 21. TNC 22. Gladz 23. Solace 24. Vengeance 25. Vanquished 26. Hells Army 27. Runescape Elites 28. Golden Sun 29. Legendary Gladiatorz 30. Dragonwood 31. Downfall 32. BK 33. THE 34. Knights of Order 35. Poison Cant Really Rank Due to Timezone/Country Clans/Etc. 1. FOOLS 2. NG 3. RDC 4. Australian Army 5. LF 6. Juniors
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