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  1. Looking for gold :D

  2. What Timezone is your clan? EST What Timezone are you personally in? EST What do you like about warring in your personal Timezone? lol What do you dislike about your personal Timezone? that everyone isn't on it If you could choose another Timezone to live in what would it be and why? wouldn't
  3. Nothing to make tip.it more prominent? Serious..? The fact that clan officials would HAVE to visit tipit to use their tipit ml on at least a weekly basis should be enough to convince you. It's all about giving people a reason to come here (..as well as return).
  4. Don't really agree to the changes as the two services you want onlookers to see, the conclave and TWR, are now less noticeable. The forums that you want clans to see shouldn't be subforums. Just my two cents.
  5. Shark Night 3D Lame movie, don't waste your money.
  6. Best of luck. Rebuilding is never the easiest thing.
  7. I'm referring to a Jagex member that would be apart of the community side of things. I assumed that would be a given. All i'm saying is, is that Jagex could have left it to something general, calling the owner out as a "sex offender" wasn't necessary in the situation.
  8. If jgaex didn't say anything theories would spread and jagex would get dissed for demoting a site for no reason. Also they need to make it clear they are no associated with such people, it could effect investment given they are aimed at the teen market. So you think if someone employed by jagex was found to be a sex offender jagex would send out a post "making clear" of the situation? Or do you think they'd quietly fire the person and internally deal with it? I'd imagine the later of scenarios to happen.
  9. Not sure i agree with Jagex broadcasting that, should have just been Jagex sending that to runevillage, not to the community. Because no one honestly cares runevillage isn't a "gold" site. They now just care that there's a sex offender that owns it. Makes it look like Jagex just going the extra mile to diss on runevillage.
  10. Why would anyone waste the manpower to make a clan community when RSC and Jagex have done it already? Your mentality is terrible. I don't know the goal of this community anymore (not sure anyone does..), but if this clan section wants to be something it has to step out and throw a service that's better than what is offered. As for resources, tipit was on the edge of releasing one which was ready to the point of allowing clan leaders to test it out. Personally i felt it was much finer than runehead's and, if released when it was expected to, I think runehead would probably be shut off today. Just to back Gamerr here.. the man has put many hours into this community, as a staff member and regular member. In no way is he here just here to throw stones. It's great to see new users come here and involve themselves into discussion but don't come in here blindly calling out veteran users.
  11. Pan_Nx

    Hip Hop & Rap

    Yeah.. shoulda been wiz's though. Or big sean's. Wasnt impressed with Watch the Throne or Tha Carter 4. Both had some good hits but the just overall albums weren't Kanye/JayZ/Wayne quality.
  12. not that you'll probably ever read this, but log back on game and catch up mann

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