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  1. not that you'll probably ever read this, but log back on game and catch up mann

  2. Remember you from GES ages ago...

  3. At the local basketball court today, and a bunch of little kids were setting up a dodgeball game, so the staff asked us to shoot on a goal on the side of the court. We said sure, and as we were walking to the goal, I decided to randomly attempt this 45-foot shot. Nothing but net, it was almost all luck, but still was pretty insane.
  4. You are obviously wanting to go to school #2, but you don't want to leave your friends.
  5. Wrong. At the moment I use a SD TV and it works fine. Probably buying an HD soon though, as my SD is too small.
  6. I have had a Wii for a while and bought a PS3 today. The answer is yes.
  7. You said that 80:20 matchups shouldn't happen, so I pointed out the 0:100 matchups. I dunno why they just had to put 0:100, it's more like 15:85 or even 10:90. Perhaps the guy who created those matchups really thought Ganondorf was that bad? inb4gananbanned Nintendo should release patches like xbox360 and ps3 do.... It is impossible with the way Wii internet is set up unless the game has a patch/DLC mode already set up. Then it is only optional.
  8. That's saying there is a 100% chance they win, which isn't the case. And Ganandorf is just terrible. Rob is one of the best characters. And ICs/Oli don't win nearly every single matchup.
  9. I'd hope so. Not appearing on radar shouldn't be a OHK
  10. Fyi, MK is not universally banned, hes banned at tournaments that make him banned. He is restricted almost everywhere. I know, but thanks for telling me anyways? If he was banned, we wouldn't be discussing this.
  11. Q1:What is something you write down to remember? A: Appointments Q2:What is something you hear on the radio besides music? A: Talk Shows Q3:Why might a taxi driver say he had a bad day? A: Person didn't pay. Q4:What is something you're likely to forget in your car? A: Wallet/Purse Q5:Name an item you would find in a 3-day survival kit. A: Match/Flint Q6:What is something you may find on top of a mountain? A: Rocks Q7:What is something you would hate to find in the food your eating? A: Hair
  12. MK has an 80-20 advantage over ROB. Things this swayed should never happen.
  13. Diabetes is hereditery!!! *invites friends around for a "White stuff" partaaaay! You gotta love that sugar* I'll bet you do love the white stuff. Heart disease sort of runs in my dad's side, but I don't know if that's for reasons of genetics or big Midwestern salt-and-cholesterol filled diets. Also baldness and color-blindedness, but those seem to "skiP' generations and my dad has both. So I'm clean there at least for now, I suppose. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can only get color-blindness from your mother if you are male.(it is on the X chromosome, and you by default get the Y from your father.) Funny thing is, male-patterned baldness works the same way.
  14. You could find someone else with AIDs. That would be romantic. She/he's standing right in front of you wearing a white dress/tux. :wink: Not if the dress/tux is white. :wink: Oh, and this topic is turning into "would you kill somebody if..."
  15. Actually 19/20 of the time we use metric. (haha fraction)
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