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  1. Oh, and do we have a server?
  2. Someone wanna hand out a link to this shoddy thing? i might take a look
  3. Somehow, i had a feeling they would sneak something like natures in :P But what is EV? An EV is an effort value. You get a certain amount of EV's for beating any pokemon, based on what that pokemon is good at (I think it's something like 1 special attack EV for beating a ghastly, 1 speed EV for beating a zubat, etc.). You can get the EV's doubled by having that Pokemon hold an item (won from the battle tower I believe?). One stat can have a max of 255 EV's, and a pokemon can have a max of 510. 4 EV's is one stat point increase sometime before that pokemon reaches level 100 (randomly added on when leveling at any point in time), so preferably the max EV a pokemon should have is 252, because 255 is meaningless. Basically, let's say a hypothetical pokemon at level 100 had no EV training (99 rare candies directly from an egg), its stats would be 300 300 300 300 300 300. If you trained stat 1 and 2 for 252 EV's and stat 3 for 4 EV's, the stats would then be 363 363 301 300 300 300. If you trained the pokemon normally and got it to 510 EV's at random, it would look something like 322 321 321 321 321 321. A pokemon with a direct purpose would have an advantage over a pokemon with random EV's, especially if you don't use the stats you put EV's in. Tried to make it as simple as possible. And about your previous question, there are a few kinds of Pokemon. Walls, clerics, sweepers, support, wall-breakers, and probably more that I'm missing. Currently my team has a physical wall/support, special wall, special sweeper, wall breaker, late-game sweeper, and a "steel trapper"/special sweeper. If you're just starting out, you should try to make your team have a bit of everything and make sure there are no repeating weaknesses (like every pokemon with a weakness to ice type attacks would make anything with an ice type attack very hard to kill). So just try to get two walls (pokemon with high HP and either high physical defense or special defense), one support pokemon (something that helps the team, like using wish and healing team members, baton passing stat boosts to a team member, laying down stealth rock, etc.), a wall breaker if you'd like (otherwise a sweeper) (a wall breaker is a pokemon with high special and physical attack that can kill many walls), and two sweepers (pokemon with high speed and high attack and/or special attack). Watch youtube videos with commentaries if you'd like to see common pokemon/strategies, so you can see why people do what moves. A knowledge of a pokemon's base stats also helps so you can see what kind of pokemon something usually is. Thanks for the words of wisdom man! thanks, makes more sense :P Anyway, right now i have a sceptile, with 278 HP, 203 attack, 176 defense, 268 sp att, 185 sp Def, and 290 speed. Lvl 100 Does this sound like a decent pokemon? does he have the usual amount of stats for a lvl 100? How much sould a lvl 100 pokemon have? and is their any way for me to figur out how much EV my pokemon has?
  4. Somehow, i had a feeling they would sneak something like natures in :P But what is EV?
  5. so, im making my pokemon team! anyone have any sugestions/tips for me? i'm just looking for point that are obvious for pros. Also, are their any things i should look for when choosing my pokemon? (does gender do anything? or nature?) Im gunna be- the very best.... :P
  6. Just a quick question, how many of the inventions on that list were made by direct imigrants from other countries, like germany? Albert Einstein was german heritage, so i belive that means his inventions are tecnically german. Did he just move over to the U.S, then invent stuff? Unless im [developmentally delayed]ed, and Einstein is like SWEDISH of something. Someone correct me, i know im wrong :P
  7. Alexpop11


    Exactly, that's what I was getting at. There are other factors involved that don't just equate to shyness. I don't really think they're ignoring that it exists, besides the obvious trolls that just want you to get angry How is that ignorance? He's saying that there is a difference between being nerdy and having Aspergers. He was saying how people who don't actually have it will think they have it, to use it as an excuse. Almost everybody wants to be that normal kid, Aspergers or not. I see what you mean, once again a communication fail on my part. i just used his as an example, but alot of people i have met just think asphergers is a dumb thing to classify nerds as now. I HATE THAT. Their is a big difference! im useing to many captals -.-
  8. Alexpop11


    you can see the social signs though, you can gain experience, you can see and analyze the reactions of what you actually do and improve. You don't need to be told "what you said there hurts my feelings" to see the social cues (as the person i have an experience with aspergers through wants us to do to help him learn). that is the major difference: you can learn and see with experience, at least he can't. dammit -.- you just summed up what i was trying to say above in three words. i fail at communicating my thoughts :P
  9. Alexpop11


    I disagree, I'm a nerdy/shy/X kid and would like to be more social, but I find it hard. Does this mean I have asperger's? No. Don't generalize that people are introverted because they choose to be. Some people just don't know don't have the initiative to begin socializing. This does not mean they have any sort of diagnosable problem, however. No, it doesen't MEAN. Its one of many FACTORS they look for when specifying you with aspheregers syndrom, on top of a pile of others. My point is that nerds are not the same as sphergers kids, and alot of people on this topic seem to be ignoreing that, just saying things like 'Aspheregers is just nerds who don't want to be normal.' I've seen that like 8 times on this topic, and it ticks me off. If you have a problem with social activitys, then SO BE IT! Im just making a point for everone making dumb comments about how asphergers kids. I saw a while ago someone posted "Also, stop trying to classify yourselves as autistic. Just because you're a hermit and a nerd doesn't mean you are extra special " Thats a great example of the ignorance im talking about here. Now having this lack of social skills may not be the most heavly wieghted factor for being diagnosed with asphergers, but it is probably the most noticable, sending people to link it with being a nerd. i just HATE when that happens. Im not trying to say that their is a difference, and just because im an asphergers kid dosn't mean i WANT to be a hermit or a nerd. I would love to be that normal kid. I would also hate losing my originality :P God, i sound like a cabbage hole -.- Im not one to be so agressive, but this a sensitive topic for me.
  10. Alexpop11


    Okay, im going to come out here and start a flame war. There IS a difference between a NERD and ASPHERGERS! i have asphergers, and the biggest thing i have noticed is that i WANT to be socally active, i just don't know how.I don't know how to talk to people, or how to handle any normal social issues. I was not born with a knowledge of things like this. Most kids can start off nice and social, i couldn't. I didn't know how to talk to kids, to make friends. Kids needed to make friends with me, or else i would be out of luck. I simply couldn't be social. Teachers have always had to make themselfs EXTREMLY exact about what they are saying to me, as i cannot take verbal cues like sarcasm. I could never tell you, to this day, if a girl EVER shot me a sign. I would never see it. Social cues, like those, DO NOT COMPUTE. literally. What i have noticed is that nerds don't WANT to be socally active. They could very well blend themselfs in like a normal human being. Alot of them that i know ARE funny, HAVE friends, they just prefer the soltude (and COD rankings). And sure as CABBAGE people are diagnosed with this syndrom and DON'T have it, they want a excuse to BE the nerd they are. And by GOD, the kids who i have met who I KNOW have asphergers need extra help, and they NEED their special care. *GASP* im out of breath, i need a quick break. I'll continue my rant some other day -.-
  11. I never knew that -.- Well, im going to make a team, and maybe ill compete in a tournament soon
  12. Hai there gals POKEMON! sounds like fun, actually :P I might play in a tournament some other time, but can someone explain to me what the purpose of all these rules are, and why Garchomp and Wynaut have been banned? I dont get -.-
  13. Just on top of the musician note, a part of it is presenting it. No one knows your a musician if your just walking down the hall. If you have a guitar on your back, that turns some heads. I play piano, and dang good if i do say so myself :P But no one i meet on the street would know that. But being a musician does make some opportunity in the right situations. If your in a bar or something and your start playing some nice popular music.... You got some attention.
  14. You almost perfectly explained me there :P we have a lot in common.....
  15. Amen to that.. have you seen any of Sandy Ravage's videos on youtube? They're hilarious. I've only encountered boosters a few times, and screwing up their plans was really fun. Today me and my friends ran into SIX booster teams in a row. Different teams to. The first one did get a nuke, but we stopped all the others. I guess for doing some good in the game I was awarded a Ac-130 on Skidrow. Was very fun, everone though I was boosting but I was just REALLY lucky and got 11 kills in a row for it. Roflcopter, Sandy is mynew hero :P Me, my friend, and him all seem to use the same tactics though :thumbsup:
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