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  1. Caxis

    Smash Club.

    I will if no one else has a problem with it...
  2. Caxis

    Smash Club.

    Yes.. I was playing it today at my friends house. Overall it's pretty good and I like it... But...
  3. Caxis

    Smash Club.

    I'm leaving TIF so I won't be here to update this topic anymore. The topic can be locked or left open, I don't really care. Bye.
  4. My dad wants to get an HD LCD TV for Christmas this year, but we don't really know what to look for. I need to know what a good response time, refresh rate, contrast ratio etc. would be. We're looking at something that's around 42-48 inches or so, and 1080p. Thanks for any help.
  5. I got the game yesterday, and versus mode is really fun. I only got to be the tank once, but I managed to kill all the survivors. And I have a question about steam accounts, can other people see my steam account name? Or can they only see my nickname?
  6. Why do you have AVG and McAfee? You should never have more than one antivirus on your computer.
  7. Do you have any idea at what websites it freezes most on? It might be an issue with flash or java, maybe they were installed incorrectly and it causes problems with IE. Java and flash are used quite a bit on websites, so it might help to update or reinstall them. As for your downloads freezing in IE, this has happened to me since forever, in every Windows version.
  8. The 4:3 monitor is an LG, and it has both a VGA and DVI input, I'm using DVI with it. The widescreen monitor is an Acer that only has VGA input. And thanks for the help, I'll set it up when I get my new desk.
  9. Sounds like Nero Essentials is now the default program to open media files. When you installed it, there should have been a section where it lets you choose what extensions (.avi .mpthree .wmp etc.) Nero Essentials would open automatically. You should be able to find something in the preferences or options tab/menu of Nero Showtime, or whatever it is that plays the files now. Another method is to right click a music file and click "Open With," and choose Windows Media Player and check the little box that says "Use as default program."
  10. I have a spare monitor that's unused, and I'd like to set up dual monitors with my PC. My video card has two DVI outputs, so I can plug in two monitors, but I'm unsure of a few things. 1) My current monitor uses a DVI cable, but the second monitor is VGA only. I have a DVI-VGA converter thing, so I'm wondering if I can have one monitor use DVI, and the other VGA? 2) The second monitor is widescreen (VGA), while my main monitor is a regular 4:3 monitor. Would the difference in aspect ratio cause any problems? Thanks.
  11. To clarify, the MotorStorm bundle was from 2007, Pacific Rift came out last month. The last bundle was the MGS4 bundle, and only those 80GB models had PS2 backwards compatibility. And after looking around, the 250GB model was just a rumor/joke, so I don't know if future PS3's will have bacwards compatibility with PS2 games..
  12. All PS3 models have PS1 backwards compatibility through software emulation. The 20GB and 60GB models have the best PS2 backwards compatibility, because they contain the emotion engine chip. Neither model is still in production. The 80GB PS3's that were bundled with a game (MotorStorm {I think} and MGS4) had PS2 backwards compatibility through software emulation. Again, neither model is still in production. The current 80GB model (Which replaced the 40GB model) does not have PS2 backwards compatibility, and neither does the 160GB model. These models are currently in production. You might be able to find one of the PS3 bundles (Most likely MGS4) at a store, but there's a really small chance that you would. The other option is to ebay or buy a used one from a game store (EBGames) or find one in a newspaper or something. If you are going to buy an older version, get the 60GB model since it's much better. I also heard that a new 250GB model is coming out, which will have PS2 backwards compatibility, but I haven't searched for any information regarding the 250GB model.
  13. I just found out it comes out tomorrow in North America ;O.
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