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  1. For me, as with many people, it's mostly about community. I'm very hesitant to join a clan in any game, unless I already know several of the members, and get along with them. I look for a friendly, and mature community, that wants to have me around- not snobs who want me to prove myself worthy. I also have to play the game often enough online to justify becoming a member. For the most part, I prefer to just play with people I know, rather than as a clan. My main beef with clans, other than the community, is the leadership. Allot of clan leaders have view's about what their clan is, and should become, that are in conflict with what I'm looking for. Generally, if I want to be part of a clan, I prefer to try and start my own. It's not easy, but the reward seems better, when I have more control. Call me a control freak if you will, I don't like having to appease a leader, and worry that he may take something the wrong way.
  2. I have to agree with bringing back the old wild, and removing the trade limits. Probably won't ever happen though. Well, last I checked the Clan Chat required people to be added to your friends list. I think that should be changed, and multiple channels should be made available per clan. Also, the limit of persons with ranks should be removed, to allow much larger clans to take advantage of clan chat. It doesn't work too well for large clans and community's, when they can't tell between their own members, and guests of the clan chat.
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  6. A loyal, and competent officer in Terran Gamers.

  7. I'm a little worried things won't go according to plan should a war start. My worse fear is we see the unfolding of a secret communist conspiracy that has been drawn against us for a very long time. In this conspiracy we see Russia and China backing North Korea, along with the other communist nations, and pupits of the before mentioned big two all in a war against us. This would prove to be a nightmare of epic proportions, world war three indeed. I hope my fears are unfounded.
  8. Well, perhaps we should take a lesson from the Native Americans. A hostile, foreign populace gets a foothold in your lands, before you know it, your people are being forced into reservations by the new, powerful majority. I can see it happening again, this time with some other group of people taking over different lands; once again in the name of their god, removeing those they see as spiritualy inferior.
  9. Couldn't agree more with OldJoe on the whole immigration thing. A country can only support so many people, and if these people who come from a completely alien culture don't assimilate (and I believe they make little effort too), then at that rate, your going to have serious problems. Now, back on topic. First, let's get our facts straight here Foursideking, "the united states was attacked brutally when a bunch of "insane" foreigners hijacked a plane and forced it into the world trade towers." That is too broad a statement, and it omits the facts. We where attacked by Muslim terrorists, most of whom where from Saudi Arabia. Now, while I personally would have liked to see major reparations against the Saudi Government take place, I understand they have us so far over a barrel, their citizens can kill thousands of us, and not suffer any repercussions; even though their royal family has been funding these people for years. So, we did the next best thing, and invaded Afghanistan, sanctuary of Osama Bin Laden, leader of Alquada, the Islamic terrorist organization responsible for the attacks. We gave that wretched totalitarian theology known as the Taliban fair warning, and asked them to hand over Osama. When they failed to comply, we went in; justly seeking vengeance for our slain countrymen. Sadly, our previous President decided we had to do something about Sadam Husein and his WMD's. So, instead of focusing our resources on the hunt for Osama, and the rebuilding/ stabilization of Afghanistan, we invade Iraq, and get ourselves into a long term occupation, trying to keep the local population from riping each others throats out. Some of you may think we are profiting from this war. Well, I have yet to see any of that profit, unless you measure it in disabled/ dead/ psychologically damaged soldiers, or deteriorating infrastructure. The average American has lost a great deal because of this occupation, not the least of which is faith in his government. I don't know who's to blame. I do however have some idea what this has cost us.
  10. Near the end of the movie AI, when the aliens resurrect his mother for one day. That is by far the saddest thing I have seen. A real tear jerker. This should not be taken out of context, so I won't post up the clip. If you want to see it, I strongly recommend you see the entire movie.
  11. Many interesting takes on the subject have been presented. Speaking for myself, the biggest improvements I want to acquire in personality are Self- Confidence and a can do attitude. The lack of these two things has cost me during most of my 23 years on this world. So, Skill Caster, I recommend you focus on these things, or, more to the point, ask yourself what you want to change, and then evaluate the best way to go about it. Perhaps if you shared with us what these traits are, we could help you find way's of improving yourself. During High School, I was an lonely, antisocial pessimist lacking any form of self confidence, constantly worried about how my voice sounded. Well, fast forward 4 years later, and I am still a pastimes, I still worry about my voice, however I am allot more friendly and outgoing. As a result, I have made a friend.
  12. I've been called a pedophile because I was playing Zombie Panic Source!- the Half Life 2 mod on what turned out to be a children's server. What gives? It's a mature rated game, or at least it aught to be. I tell you, things are getting insane.
  13. "The charges against Hadley were based on only a small number of materials in the collection of over 1,200 publications." that alone should have proved to the jury just how ridiculous this is. The man has been buying this stuff- most of it perfectly legal for years, and a few publications contain something the thought police didn't like. Before you know it, the poor guy is rotting in prison. I swear, it seems like we are the only country that has such an insane legal system. People are put away because they have considered robbing a bank (they call this intent) here. "The land of the free" yeah, more and more it seems like this has become a convenient veil behind which these people- those special interest groups that lobby for these laws- can hide behind. I mean, we are told, every day, that this is a free country, constant propaganda about freedom and liberty, but more and more I see us becoming a police state where if you say, or even think something that the majority finds offensive, your in for some pretty hard times.
  14. Well, in addition to Bufoman, I have another RS account named Lord Hyla. I usually go by Lord Hyla for most games I play online, so I will probably go by that if I play.
  15. I am hoping for something similar to a first person shooter. I want to be able to use cover, have strategy and tactics count as much, if not more than a combat level and stats, and special weapons that perform a specific job like lowering enemy shields or shorting out equipment. Oh, and sniper rifles would be nice- and to have a good reason to chose to be a foot soldier VS piloting a Mech or other war machine. The game would be allot funner if it deviates away from the click and wait combat system in use for most MMO's. Something like Planetside's combat system would be a major improvement.
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