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  1. You play D&D, right? I like to work out ideas for campaigns, think of interesting plot lines, etc. Most of it is just stuff in my head, not on paper and never actually ends up at the table. It's a good calming distraction for me. I used to go to the rock gym a lot and that was always good for me, since it was a good blend of physical and mental. These are more for chronic stress and anxiety, not exactly for "in the moment" anxiety attack sorts of things.
  2. Skull


    Very poorly, but yeah. My laptop is getting old, so my gtx 660m gpu doesn't really cut it any more. Game runs okay but buildings can take up to a minute to load in so it makes it hard to do anything if I jump into an area with pretty much anyone else.
  3. Skull


    I remember when my body was capable of being more than just a hangover factory
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYR-IiVxcVo In my top 10 albums of all time I'd have to say. Saw them on tour with Converge and Deafheaven back in 2012. It's kinda crazy that an album like this doesn't even sound harsh to me anymore.
  5. If only I was still a DJ I'd have so much to add to this. I'll have to break into the station I worked at and go through their new music and report back.
  6. Skull


    The first day we have real snow, my property manager is stuck in Chicago. And he didn't tell my landlord he was going to be in Chicago, so he called me and asked me to clear the driveway and not to tell the landlord that he wasn't around. So of course I did it because that's just who I am. Even though we got something like 18 inches of snow it wasn't too bad since it was light snow. But the whole "Having a property manager who takes care of all lawn mowing and snow removal" thing was kind of a big selling point on why I live here.
  7. Skull


    Supposed to get 7-14 inches of snow tomorrow, starting at 5 am. I have no expectations of going to work tomorrow. I'll be very sad if I end up working.
  8. Skull


    My friend regularly hitchhikes. Went coast to coast this summer.
  9. Skull


    I'm sorry Low. I know it wasn't planned in the first place, but that's still a tough thing to go through. I'm sure you're going to be having a lot of different emotions, but you shouldn't feel bad about anything. You stepped up when you had to and showed your quality. It's going to be tough to go back to normal, whatever that is, but however you feel you should be able to take pride in how you've handled everything. Especially don't feel guilty over any feelings of relief you may have. When you're ready you'll have another shot at everything, but for now just know that everything that has happened is perfectly normal and no one is at fault.
  10. Skull


    I just finished Stranger Things. Holy shit. Also I have to be up for work in 4 hours, but it was worth it. Strong recommend to anyone who hasn't checked it out yet. I'd suggest one episode a day. It's great to binge but having now finished, I wish I had drawn it out a little bit more for myself.
  11. Skull


    I've been in my new place a week now (a week yesterday technically). Still no internet, although there's an unsecured network I can sporadically pick up sch as right now. Should be getting our own internet Tuesday morning.
  12. I like Not Your Father's Rootbeer quite a bit in terms of sweeter drinks. But like, maybe 2 in a night at most. I've heard their ginger ale is disgusting though. I've seen a lot of "hard soda" pop up in the past year or two. I've only had other hard rootbeers, NYF is the best I've had so far. New brewery opened up near me a while ago, they had this fantastic Coffee-maple-honey oatmeal stout. Normally it's just a honey oatmeal, but this was a special version I guess. Anyways, absolutely delicious. I've been trying out sours more now, after an initial dislike I think I'm growing fonder. Gose are pretty tasty.
  13. Skull


    If GRRM was more consistent in his prose he'd be fine, maybe even above average for the genera. The problem is that he'll pick up something stylistic out of nowhere and then drop it 100 pages later. Turns of phrase that haven't once shown up anywhere before will get said by entirely unrelated characters in different parts of the world in consecutive chapters. And then will never appear again. That said, he is very adept world builder and knows how to build a good story. Related: I'm way behind on the show. Like I'm-on-season-2 behind. But I've read all the books. Basically just please don't spoil this most recent season/episode for me. Kinda hoping to read the next book before I watch. If it ever comes out. Edit: Oh [bleep], also I'm moving out on like Saturday into a pretty awesome house with two of my friends. That is as long as the landlord doesn't find out my housemate just got suspended from work because he's an idiot.
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