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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Well I sent a tweet out last night to Mod MMG and Mod Mark on Twitter to see if it'd be possible to put this into the Bank Pin System and got a reply from Mod MMG.
  3. Glad to see they put up a guide. Also for anyone interested I made a video version for those who prefer a video walkthrough, enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv7aGHs4nDE
  4. Tweeted out my guide last night via Twitter to a few Jagex Mods and @RuneScape as well. Got plenty of favorites and retweets and thanks from people who used it. I just wish Jagex would have made it more clear on the Authenticator set up page that you can use Windows PC's and wish they had made a set up guide for it before hand of releasing it. Similar to how they made a video guide of clearing your RuneScape Cache.
  5. Thanks, yeah a lot of common problems people are having with it at least folks I've spoken with (That are older people in their late 40's early 50's). They get to the point of setting it up and forget that the 6 Digit Code expires every 30 or so seconds. So they say 'Well let me write that down then go punch in the numbers'. Not kowing (Or forgetting) the code has expired and when they enter it it tells them it is invalid. Then they keep trying the code and end up getting locked out of their account. I'm making a Google Docs of the guide now to pass along to Jagex Moderators on Twitter so they can hopefully spread it around and help people out.
  6. Took me a bit to get this straightened out so I thought I'd help out others, I hope this helps. Step 1) Download WinAuth you can get this Googling 'WinAuth' under the Download section scroll down to where it says WinAuth 3.0 and click where it says WinAuth 3.0.21 to start downloading it.https://winauth.com/ Step 2) Locate the WinAuth file you downloaded, open up it's folder and drag the program out to your desktop. You should see a blue icon.Picture of the icon that will appear on your Desktop: Step 3) Go to the RuneScape Home Page mouse over where it says 'Account' at the top right corner of the page and click on Authenticator. Once you are on the RuneScape Authenticator page, click the 'Set Up Now' button and Log In.Picture of what the page looks like after you click 'Authenticator' and Log In: Step 4) You should now see 'Step 1: Get The App' pay that no attention. Under Step 2 it should say 'Code Won't Scan?>' click on that and it will say Enter 'Random 16 Digit Code' and choose Time Based.Picture of what the page looks like at the 'Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3' on the RuneScape Authenticator Page: Step 5) Copy the 16 Digit Code you got from the 'Code Won't Scan?>' section. Now open up WinAuth on your PC and click on 'Add' and choose Google. Under Name enter the RuneScape Account Name you will be setting up this Authenticator for. Underneath Number 1 paste in the 16 Digit Code and click Verify Authenticator, you should then see a 6 Digit Code under 3 with a Green Loading Bar, click 'OK'. You will then be prompted to enter a P-Word to protect your authenticator in case your computer is compromised, this is optional I clicked cancel personally myself.Picture of the 16 Digit Code and where to paste it in to WinAuth: Step 6) On the WinAuth screen you will see 'RuneScape Account Name' and 6 Digit Numbers. After about 30 seconds or so the code will expire and become invalid. So what you do when it runs out and becomes nothing but dash symbols ----- right click the Loading Arrow and enable Auto Refresh, this will give you a new 6 Digit Code that will last 30 or so seconds before it will expire and give you a new one.Before and After Picture of an expired code showing up as dashes '-----' and after you enable Auto Refresh showing a new code to be entered. Step 7) What you might want to do next to make it easier if you cannot quickly remember things is to split your Web Browser Window on one side of your monitor and your WinAuth Program on the other side so you can see them both. Then go back to the RuneScape Authenticator Page you opened up and under Step 3 type in the 6 Digit Code before it expires and click Finish.In this picture is my screen split with RuneScape on one side, WinAuth on the other so you can quickly enter the code before the timer runs out. Please Note: The next time you log in to RuneScape you will log in as normal and it will prompt you for a 6 Digit Code. This is where you open up WinAuth to get your code each time upon log in and enter it. Or you can choose to Trust Your Computer for 30 days and you will not be prompted for another code within those 30 days.Pictured here is the screen that asks for yoru 6 Digit Pin after logging into the game. Also shows the option to Trust your computer for 30 days. If you have more than one account then you will want to repeat the same steps, just rename the other accounts accordingly how you like. This is so when you log in you will know which Toon you are getting the log in code for. --TearGod.
  7. And where will they be crashing exactly? Every boss worth doing has its own instance and skilling resources are also instanced to the player. Welcome to 2014. Grenwalls, Frost Dragons, Automaton Guardians, Aviansies, Ganodermic Beasts, Glacors, Gladii, Rorarii, Scutarii, Steel & Iron Dragons, Tormented Demons etc.
  8. I am dreading next weeks poll. About them ssking if we want a reduced amount of game worlds. I see this as Jagex noticing a decline in players and them taking offline some game worlds to save money. All this will do is make monsters, bosses, skill training areas overcrowded with people being rude and crashing each other.
  9. Link below to the topic on Reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/1tksff/i_friend_sent_me_something_i_think_everyone/ Link to the Tumblr Page http://itachii76.tumblr.com/post/70954201220/i-found-some-art-theft I don't know how you folks feel about stuff like this but I would absolutely hate it if this person won with that outfit, only to find out it had been copied/pasted/stolen from someone who originally created it. I've tweeted the Tumblr page out to RuneScape, I hope they look further into this.
  10. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^

  11. Hi, 1. It's been about the same speed it takes to calculate voyages. 2. Chrome. 3. Yes I have the latest version of Chrome. Well that would explain why it takes as long as it does to calculate. I guess now I just have to try and deal with the fact that it sometimes freezes my entire page.
  12. Okay, so finally after experiencing problems with this calculator for quite some time now, I've finally decided to come to the forums for help. Okay so a while back probably a few weeks to a month ago, when I used the calculator after I'd type in what was necessary for my voyage and hit calculate the whole calculator would freeze the page (As in I couldn't scroll up or down) while it calculated the voyage. Now lately when I've been using the calculator, it has stopped freezing the page when I click calculate and I'm able to scroll down the page but the calculator takes FOREVER. Also not to mention, when the calculator has finished calculating my voyage, it now completely freezes the page in definitely and I end up having to close out the tab and re-open a new one and start the process all over again.
  13. Is there any way I can press /c to chat in my clan chat (Like it used to be in RS2) from the All Chat menu? When I type /c and press enter it switches to the Clan Chat menu and all I can see is my clan chat.
  14. I couldn't see my ability bar at first, until I selected a preset to use then it showed up.
  15. Is the game back up and running? There's no news posts..? Or maybe that's coming after the update countdown?
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