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  1. Riku3220


    Or when there's one more book in the series and the author is taking his sweet time finishing it up...
  2. I bought a Switch so I've been playing Zelda and Bomberman.
  3. Riku3220


    Just saw the Lego Batman movie. Lego Joker is better than the garbage that Jared Leto gave us.
  4. Riku3220


    I'm still not convinced that Estonia is a real place.
  5. Riku3220


    Was it Genghis Grill? I think that place is amazing. You get exactly whatever you want.
  6. Riku3220


    It's not a muslim ban. It's 120 day bar on refugees to improve vetting and a 90 day bar from entry to the US with exeptions. After the 120 days we're going to have a cap of 50,000 refugees per year, which is about average over both Obama's and Bush's presidencies. The biggest issue is that current visa and green card holders are also blocked. He should not have done that.
  7. I'm disappoint in myself for getting hyped over the game and disappointed in Nintendo for not holding Niantic to the standard of quality that damn near every other Pokemon game has. They had 20 years worth of well established, ready to use content to work with and they used almost none of it.
  8. Riku3220


    Eat glass, shit blood, that's the OT Tip.it code
  9. Riku3220


    Nintendo Switch looked so good I already preordered it.
  10. Riku3220


    After a few hours of being in queue I logged in only to join right as the server reset. Thankfully I managed to get in without a queue almost immediately with an almost empty server for like 5 minutes. I was able to get up to level 5 before I got tired of fighting people over spawns. My name is Angrybones so go ahead and add me.
  11. Riku3220


    I'll be sure to add you when the server goes up. It'll be nice to have someone to talk to during the grind.
  12. Riku3220


    Hell yeah man. Are you rolling Horde or Alliance? I'm probably going to be an Undead mage.
  13. Riku3220


    I'm super excited for Rogue One. It's great to be able to experience the new EU as from the beginning as new content comes out. A lot more people will be able to participate in in-depth Star Wars discussion now that they aren't 10 years too late to jump into an established EU.
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