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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Looks good but I would like to add what if one of the two clan claims the AC was favoring the other clan and are able to prove it with pics or otherwise, the ACing clan should not be rewarded any points or infact be penalised by same margin. This should also apply if the Acing clan decided to leave in the middle of a fight.
  3. Upset for what? Upset that Jack was made a Clan community leader instead of the self proclaimed front runner Mr.Danny_teamDan ? Or Upset because the Downfall topic on RSC was closed because of the racist comment posted by Amateurnoob? I have already stopped posting on TWR but once in a while I flip through the pages to see whats happening around TWR. :thumbup:
  4. No surprises, considering only T0 and Downfall post on Tip.it forums making one of them a clan community leader is not a surprise. OT: Gratz Jack :thumbup:
  5. I find it hard to digest why they have not made the voting with proper logging. They just need rs id for a vote. If they need the id why not have a proper log in and then vote as they usually do. I think its just for the records lol Two days in to the poll and the voting stands at over 900k votes....
  6. Missed this war, was a bit late for me, but TDL did the job. Good Job :thumbsup: BLNT LTH
  7. I asked the same question to clan discussion on this topic. You can have a look if you find something interesting. One question I had in mind is why does Jagex not participate more in fan sites activities like posting on fan sites on a more regular basis, and listening to what people outside of RSB boards have to say. Most of RSB clans are novice compared to RSC and TWR clans, why not look in to what they have to share with jagex for a change.
  8. DV was my fav clan, the community was very active.
  9. Since we are aware that Jagex Mods read and sometimes participate in the RS Fan sites community, an example can be of JMod Timbo suggesting that the dispute which arose between RSD and RoT be settled on RSC or the post by Jmod on TWR forums when there was a huge roar about the Climbing Boot update. My question is What would be one advice or a suggestion you would like to give out to JMods which could help more runescapers to take up clanning ? We know the number of people in clans dont even represent 5% of people playing runescape, what could be the update that can change the number game. Discuss.
  10. Will there be an 11th (?) DK? Well I hope there is, clans which provide for luls and excitement (spicing things in wildy) are welcomed in clan world atm, its getting dull. Will VR push back into the Top 3 with a large amount of the Rebellion members joining them? I dont think it would do VR any good. Everyone was of the opinion only Derek can kill DK, and that's exactly what has happened. A friend of mine in DK told me Derek was bored of RS so he left,his going to navy was all made up, who knows if Derek again gets a interest in RS maybe Dk will be back again and running. lol Whoever leaves DK when it closes are very quick to rejoin when it re-opens, lets see what happens this time around.
  11. I dont think banning Everton or pete noob has led to the TWR being inactive, when I was in DV, the rivalry kept us pumped up and everyone wanted to put in the little effort they could. We had issues with certain people who used to make racist remarks and getting personal, of which we complained to Das, I remember writing him a mail pointing out the things which concerned DV that time around. Healthy rivalry is good for clans keeps everyone interested but a limit has to be set, in our case, when we felt it was getting out of hand we complained, no action was taken back then, he was banned only after we left TWR. Some of the recent changes were good but it did not produce the desired result, lets be hopeful.
  12. Honor whats that? is any of it left in clan world , I wonder..... To answer your question, I think there is nothing new happening in the clan arena and people are slowly getting bored of the same thing again and again.
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