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  1. its such a shame he didnt end up with nice overall rank ow8 no its not because he spent the past few weeks talking about how he would beat myself crystalfarm and roger al Congratulations on 5.2 BILLION EXPERIENCE. ILY COOP
  2. Yes, We Have an Ml. Sorry im late on responding btw.


  3. I will say im intrested in Dark Legacy man. You got a ML i can look at?

  4. heard you were looking for a team?

    Team Dark Legacy #rs-dl in swift. s4.zetaboards.com/dark_legacy we use ts3

  5. Team Dark Legacy #rs-dl in swift. We use ts3. www.s4.zetaboards.com/dark_legacy
  6. That was a fun cwri..... saying the war was really late for our gmters (90% of the clan) we managed to pull 38. which is good consodering being out of timezone.. Gf Dragonwood.
  7. we realize we broke the ranger cap and do apologize. it was a miscommunication with the snipers/rangers!
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