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  1. Disagree. We're mainly f2p these days. P2P is long since dead minus Bruts cluster fights on a weekend. I personally am kinda intrested about the changes EoC will make to pvp but i dont want to see it as well. No matter what you say and the Video's Euphoria have done with F2P cwa fights and PvP fights have shown that the changes can be used well and that warring doesnt nessicarly have to take a huge change.
  2. Today we massed up for a war vs RYCERZE APOKALIPSY. Unfortunetly, Times stinked up, His Lordship had an asian moment and they thought the war was an hour earlier, sorry if we messed up on our part, hope to war you soon <3. We heard FW were already massed up, so we approached them for a war. Round 1 - Matched Ops - All Styles - WG WIN This round started off well for us, they piled our more experienced tanks...and me. His Lordship managed to actually tank people at the 10 man mark, this was a first, even for an aus/asian of his might. WG Starting: 17 FW Starting: 23 (Cut to 17) Ending Thanks for the fights +)
  3. Euphoria vs. Cheer Up After disappointing performances our last 2 times fighting CU without having won a round in either, we looked to better ourselves today and prove our spot at the top of the CWA team ladder. Rules - Best of 3 matched All styles Middle bounds DG on Corrupt off North spawn attacks EU blue, CU yellow Round 1 startings - EU: 45 (cut to 31) CU: 31 The fight started off with a bang and was fast paced from the start. CU took the advantage after taking the majority of our FI leaders out early in the fight leaving us with normal yet capable members left leading the lower numbers. We were down a couple but had a few solid tanks in a row letting us even the lead back and eventually take it with CU leaving the portal shortly afterwards. Round 1 ending - EU: 18 Round 2 startings - EU: 47 (cut to 32) CU: 32 Same deal as last round but the fight went back and fourth evenly for the majority of it. With some solid leading from Sem, it left us in a good position after he was piled and with the better of styles between the teams, we simply were doing more damage faster, getting our piles down rather quickly despite the numbers. CU left the portal again. Round 2 ending - EU: 11 Thanks for the fights CU as they're always a challenge knowing how good you normally always are. Impressive as always today EU, keep up the excellent work and be proud of the wins. Top notch pull as well. Plaffy~
  4. Was wondering when the survey results would be out. Nice to see tipit is a mixed bunch +)
  5. I remember the lightning days +) I stopped joining in the chat after it changed +(
  6. ROW drop isnt it? Does that still count?
  7. Pictures: On request of QJD +)
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