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  1. Banned for being nh. Grats Kevin. Nooooo soz
  2. Tip.it's slumping... <3 killerred XD
  3. Hey shasta whats up? Not sure if you remember me :P
  4. ima camp squeezle bee with a 1 item weapon.
  5. Yes, Yes, and no. Since bosses are generally rather fun and no one wants to risk their stuff I said heavily botted. Although there IS a dg bot, I don't think it's widely used; DG is considered fun by a lot of people afterall, plus DG is rather complex meaning the bot has very poor performance (so I've heard.) Slayer is botted too, I know this, but combat/slayer is considered more fun and less of a grind so people are less likely to bot it. I haven't noticed many slayer bots (actually not sure if I've noticed one) but that means nothing... Not actually that sure on slayer, but I really don't believe DG is heavily botted. false. the 1 good dg bot is actually getting quite popular, and it doesn't perform poorly at all. it's around 30-35k/hr which adds up quick for a bot. Just out of curiosity, how is it you are so knowledgeable on current botting trends? Google is ur friend.
  6. >war tort it's clearly because he's botting and just toggled off the paint :roll: notice the 2 fally tabs when he only needs 1... one of the more popular and flawless free frost bots withdraws 2 fally tabs instead of 1 every bank trip and sets up your inventory in that exact order and withdraws 1k cannon balls every trip. That exact spot his cannon is sitting on is one of the 4 spots supported by the bot. it also doesn't support a yak yet, hence the war tort and the super blacking out of everything. http://runegear.net/Thread-Banned--17702?page=2
  7. Oh really? Go to P2P: Pure essence, Chinchompas, fishing guild, range guild, Graahking, or mining guild. Go to F2P: Cows, essence, mining guild, karamja. Then come back and we'll see what you think. You missed a few. P2p:Green Dragons, Mage training arena,Catherby,Abyss,Rogues den,Flesh crawlers,Rock crabs, mage trees F2p: Alkharid warriors,barbarian village,hill giants, varrock east,sw of varrock, Flesh crawlers, giant spiders,cockroaches,edgeville men,experiments,chickens Theres more but you get the point
  8. I heard that dropping unnoted bars makes them loot and screw up.
  9. Its going to be as much as of a fail as the minigame itself is.
  10. [10:52] <+Kevin`> Clay_More12, IMB, Ralph, Red_fat1, ReDrOc2 http://forum.tip.it/topic/290713-divine-forces-vs-runescape-dinasty/ <-
  11. Clan logo's seem to be a waste of time unless you can upload your own ones, there won't be enough for all the clans in rs to have their own sort of version. Hence they would be pointless as they are suppose to make your clan "unique". The clan camp was a decent idea although i think its more based towards rsb clan's, can't really judge it though as i don't have enough information about it.
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