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  1. Just need to make a couple slayer rings real quick. If anyone can assist me i'll pay you for your time. Please whisper me ingame at: Jddoggs Back EDIT: Someone helped me, thanks :]
  2. Unfortunately i don't have access to chaotic weapon, extremes or turmoil :[
  3. So i was just wondering if it is possible to solo the KQ now with a war tortoise (or bunyip if thats better?) Melee stats are : 95 health, 88 defence, 94 attack, 98 strength. Also have 83 ranged (almost no magic level :\) and 70 prayer. If it is possible can anyone point me in the way of some sort of guide or give me any hints and tips. Anything i can get would be highly appreciated. thank you community.
  4. Omg this is so accurate about feeling like you're wasting time doing things without some afkable runescape training going on in the background at the same time. I totally feel that way about runescape and alot of other situations now. I feel like runescape has taught me to be a badass multitasker and find it hard to NOT multitask in normal day things.
  5. If it has little benefit for training it why would you dish out hundreds to have it trained? I'm confused.
  6. Yeah... looks like you guys might get your elysian rolled back. That's terrible...
  7. Same i was wondering what hte issue was as well.
  8. Thank you for the input on method. Any ideas on approximate time?
  9. So what would a good familiar be to use while doing slayer tasks if i just want some extra damage?
  10. ok, that will be a good start til i get a lil more info. Also any idea at all about how much time it'll take?
  11. So just trying to get the mining level for mining living rock monsters. Any advice on spots to go to or quests to get to those best spots or whatnot would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  12. I figured the opposite sorry :P Why make a new thread if one exists.
  13. Ok so noob question. How do you get this triple charms thing for 40 minutes?
  14. Actually, I'm 91 slayer :P So i think a bank activity will do better. Did the teleports so far to get to 45.
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