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  1. 2.) Is Karils Top + Tassets for solo and Full Bandos for duo still the way to go? Yes.
  2. I'm currently 86 rc and going for 99 via peng points, reward books, assists and also effigies. At what level is it good to use dragonkin lamps? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the help, Quyneax! :D
  3. Sado

    75-90 Cons

    Thanks for the help! :shades:
  4. You gotta sorta think; - It takes time to gather charms. - It takes money to level summoning. While herblore is relatively easy and less boring. But because you still don't have access to overloads, you might wanna use it on herblore. Although going few hours with friends to godwars/dks/tds you'll have that in no time. USE IT ON SUMMONING!! :shades:
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