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  1. You could also consider doing Rocktails from 93-94 to 99, as you will gain around ~ 4.5 - 5mil+ from selling em after you've cooked them and the XP hour isn't exactly [cabbage] either, about 260-280k/hour! and it will only take about 20-21 hours to go from 93 to 99. When I did it I gained back pretty much everything I spent on 99 cooking getting a free 99 is FTW ^^
  2. Get any 99 that you would like, it's your character nobody elses, dont get cought up in the "non respectable" 99 (those who say that are idiots, trust me on this they are idiots and not worth your time), cause there is NO such thing as a respectable 99. Runescape is all about time and money, nothing else, it's not a skill game like say counter-strike, wow or something like that, its just time and money :P. So choose whatever 99 you would like to achieve first and go for it, congratz in advance mate;) Most important thing is that you enjoy playing it.
  3. Crafting: Stock up battlestaffs do those / Blue D'hides Fishing: Barbarian fishing to 99 / C2 Fishing Smithing: Highest Plate / Steel Pllate's Construction: Oak Larder / Oak doors.
  4. so which is it It is that I do not reform myself after some schedule or happening in a online game, like I dont put my life on hold to for it ;), I play whenever I feel like it ^^ and I dont mind to spend an extra day or even a couple of days extra, so that I can do /we I feel like and come back another day or something, as I dont play that much to begin with =)
  5. Hehe, yea sadly I couldn't be around when Bxpw was, because I choose life over sitting down and try to save some milions in a java game :) ^^ but yea I do agree with you guys there, but stil it's quite irrelevant since what done is done, wouldn't you say so? <3 Anyhow about them Overloads, I have actually made some extreme's that will produce somewhere around 2k Overloads when I do get to 96, I will probably not even be using them unless I get really really really bored and go do PvM or something instead of skilling. Someone said that Super Energies was stil good, what do you guys think of those in comparison to the 2 potion's I am currently grinding on?
  6. Hey so I am 95 Herblore and I want to get 99, I value cash before time, even though I have about 150mil to play with on herblore, I would rather see that I save as much as possible of that herblore pile and spend it on i.e Crafting/Con once I get to 99 herblore. So yea I am looking for the most 'up to date' cost efficient method (that isn't cleaning herbs) and like I said time is not an issue I'd gladly spend 1 more day of my life to save a couple of mills. So if you have any good idea's on a cheap way to 99 herblore, please do share =) Atm I am doing Super Attacks and Super strength, depending on whatever I can get my hands on first. Should I continue with these two or what? I am abit reluctant to try to make extreme's and overloads to 99 because it is simply to expensive and I cannot for the love of god see myself spending that much overloads as I am not a PvM freak.
  7. No such thing as PRO in this game, this game is all about time and efficiency nothing else, there's nothing pro about it, like someone stated read up your definition of what a "pro" is. Runescape is nothing more then a chat game where you click from time to time, let me know when you people get payed/sponsored for it roflmao, then we'll talk about how to become pro or not. ;)
  8. I am 96 Summoning, I dont really know how much I spent on it, but it's not that expensive as you may think, depending on what charms you're doing and what method you use you could look at spending somewhere around 30-60+mil depending on what lvl you start at. I suggest you try to do the Crimson's as much as possible as these give's the best xp/gp, also if you have other left over charms, you should invest them in pouches that sells on GE., but only those, then keep on continue doing Crim's. All in all plan your method from whatever level you are, once you get to the higher levels it's worth to check the GE prices on the pouches you make, instead of handing them straight for shard conversion, some will sell more then GP-cost/shard's you will recieve from the NPC, thus making you get more shard to play with.
  9. yea both are nice side options cause they are slow to semi-slow, but im kinda poor right now, and both herblore and summoning is quite expensive :s
  10. Need Advice on what to spend my 30 Effigies on. I am short of cash and I want to do try to put it on some slower skill. So far I am thinking of putting the Effigies on either: Summoning or Herblore A) If I put it on summoning, I will save roughly 2138 worth of crimson charms B) Put it on Herblore and save about ~15mil of cash that would otherwise be lost from making Ranging potions. Summoning lv: 96 Herblore lv: 90
  11. I heard there are less on different language servers e.g. german ones. otherwise just getting your dungeoneering up is worth it imo, chaotic weapons, new cannonable dragon areas etc. etc.
  12. Thanks probably gonna do abit of Waterbattlestaff's then was planning on working on my summoning anyways :)
  13. Anyone got some numbers or up to date guides to show me?
  14. Quick question's Green Dhide bodies - xp/hour? 63-99? (Lost?) vs. Air Battle Staff's - xp/hour? 63-99 (Lost/Even/Gained) Any other method then these two that are new/better?
  15. I personally just go with places that has bank in a common interval, in what order I do it is irrelevant the traveling distance will be the same. Herb spot > Herbspot with bank > Herb Spot > Herbspot with bank > Herb spot Herbspot with bank (or the other way around anyhow...you get the idea) This way you dont bump into problems with full inventory's, backtracking or withdrawing issues or anything that causes you downtime. As I said before I dont think in what particular order you do plan, aslong as you have banking in mind that is the most essential part, the distance you have to travel will always be the same anyways.
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