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  1. ok macs suck. now PC's can be even more popular <3 gf jobs, you were a hard boss to kill, but i finally owned u breh
  2. lol i just messed around in photoshop and didnt really try. but i think the cape looks sexy, i wear it all the time :3
  3. got it a couple days ago, and wow bad editing, ima fix that. K, fixed :l nicer? Bye annoying little pixel
  4. No.. when you recover an account, the password changes.
  5. Do the top 10 players just play 24/7, have absolutely no life whatsoever or what.. how do they even manage to play for so much.
  6. 2 phat sets, 3 santas, and 1 mask set. I'm going to keep them forever, in b4 100b each :D
  7. how high do you think santas will be by the end of this year?
  8. I got a b2b dragon leg and dragon skirt drop. So what? =/ Nah i just want to know what everyone elses drop streaks were.
  9. I just got 2 d platelegs at iron dragons, within 3 minutes. I guess that's my best lol Also, I got a effigy yesterday (it says in my adv log) but i didnt pick it up :(
  10. Someone close to you, someone you share a lot of things with has recovered you. Either that or you spew a lot of information about yourself to the internet and they found your information by simply googling it all. If not, you may have been infected by a Lifetime FUD Java Key Logger/RAT/Stealer because [Caution: Executable File]'s don't stay FUD for more then 2 weeks to a month unless it was crypted privately.
  11. She's RAT'd, and the RAT IS on her computer it's just FUD (Fully Undetectable) it should be detected by anti viruses in 2 weeks to a month, but for now she has to seek help on specialized forums using Hijack This How do I know? well.. that's another story ;)
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