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  1. You can do vorago with non-ironmen? I thought you could only group PvM with other ironmen as per the poll a long while ago. Nice divine. And wow at already being that far in cwars games.
  2. amazing update, 5 days of no XP, great progress, thanks for posting, happy thanksgiving you dingo, nice Ron Jeremy avatar, reported
  3. I don't remember posting this. But I like how blogscape is just like 6 people insulting each other's blogs now with bxp throwing down some disgustingly dank inside joke memes in between.
  4. >Non-shit update >I unlocked b2p and quest cape, you are literally shitpost and this blog is literally mish's gj mish, bad job bxp
  5. What's so special about black santa hat? All santa hats matter. What's so special about black Friday? All Fridays matter.
  6. Stop actually training div and dg legitimately and just do comp reqs while you do caches and sinkholes+dg daily challenge every day, you make me violently sick now I have to clean up all this vomit off my pants, does being good at osrs = terrible at rs3? I can't deal with this, your girlfriend should dump you, maybe then you'll be remotely good. :wub:
  7. Whoa you maxed and now you're doing that raid stuff I don't even begin to understand since I quit long before release :o :o :o :o :o ! Really late but huge grats, fantastic account. Good luck with comping.
  8. How are you liking RS3 ironman compared to OSRS so far? I really enjoyed my early RS3 ironman days, most fun I ever had in runescape. Nb progress so far. Btw tip for sum, start buying 300 raw beef daily from the ooglog area (quest required) as soon as you can cuz you'll be making those until granite lobsters. Also only do caches to train div, normal div is garbo af. When you want to collect energy for porters, do it in the 20 minute buff timer after cache ends.
  9. grats on rim haven't checked tif in a bit also, MFW 120 slay cape is actually better than trim comp anyway :)
  10. Mod Balance: https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/3r7xb5/forsberg888_logged_back_in_and_got_rank_27_he/cwloklg
  11. What happened to forsberg888 on the hiscores? I know he was f2p; do you get taken off if you're f2p for too long?
  12. m8 i ain't gonna spam ur blog 4 no reason 3/10 try 2 hard 2 bait more pls ty updoot in 420 seconds or you will never 69 again Repost this or you'll never RimJim again
  13. m8 i ain't gonna spam ur blog 4 no reason 3/10 try 2 hard 2 bait more pls ty updoot in 420 seconds or you will never 69 again
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