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  1. no whips or orbs, but i got a head :( idk what to do with these plan right now is to get 90 strength and range to unlock waterfall fishing, although I might do more slayer because I don't know how the mining/smithing rework will effect smithing slayer drops.
  2. i thought you were already married to gaining exp!??!?!?!?!??!!??!one?!!?!?!??!?!
  3. got bored of my main, so i probably wont be playing on it any more. (for now) i heard these are rare???? I started playing this account about a year ago, and I feel like I've done a lot for one year. Hopefully this next year goes just as well.
  4. holy shit, i havnt posted in a while. :o i also have been afking fishvention on my main 75m exp goal for main is 99 invention (max cape) and 200m fishy. (i plan on siphoning level 12 crystal rods)
  5. 84 base :) 85 worstskill! (i got the rest of the set, too) shouts out to the crab exp daily things, which make no sense, but whatever. 85 attack and strength yay
  6. this was exciting. i couldn't believe that i got it. this one i was pissed off about. i have read so many posts about people doing skills past 200m for the pet. and i have two. that i don't care about. in skills that are less than level 85. i can't deal with this game sometimes. :(
  7. 200m herblore banked I'M A SEXY SLUT, I DON'T GIVE A [bleep] 83 divination and 83 base :)
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