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  1. Noxx


    Couple weeks ago i approached this girl that works at a burger joint close to where i live. She had a boyfriend at the time so it sucked. I still saw her every now and then went i went to buy food. It was awkward the first few times i saw her, but it was whatever. I saw her again a few days ago, we exchanged pleasantries, but she kinda seemed a bit more into it than usual. I took a chance and gave her my number. Basically told her "I know you may or may not have a boyfriend, and i don't want to make a fuss while you're at work, but here's my number. Use it. Don't use it. Whatever. She texted me later that night when she got off work. Actually pretty excited about this cause she's cute as [bleep].
  2. Noxx


    Things are moving so slow for me right now. Few weeks ago a storm hit the airport/school, we ended up losing a lot of the planes because of it. Planes' tie-downs broke and got tosses around. A lot of them took a lot of damage. More specifically, the majority of the planes i use for training got damaged except for 1 and there's a lot of other students who use the same model for their training too. So right now scheduling is really tough. On top of that the guy that was meant to do one of my final progress check flights (before i can move on to the next stage) has not shown up for the flight twice, which means i lost another 2 weeks because of that. I considered moving to Arizona and continuing my training there, but apparently as per FAA regulation they will only be able to use 50% of my current training hours towards my license, which means ill have to do a lot of the training again and ultimately ill probably lose more time (and a lot more money) that way. So i figure it's best just to stay here and stick it out. Kind sucks. It's been extremely frustrating the past 2 months in terms of actually making any sort of progress. Went to watch the Cubs vs. Rangers game the other day. What a game it was. So action packed. Saw a Grand Slam live for the first time. It was amazing. Im so happy it's baseball season again.
  3. Noxx


    I missed it for a board game night, but I heard the saints got robbed. Guess I was wrong about them taking it this year. Good for the Rams though They kinda did get robbed. Play that should have been flagged just got ignored. Would have probably resulted in Saints getting an easy FG. But i'm still happy the Rams won. Can't believe i'm getting the SB ive been hoping would happen. Rams v Pats is gonna be so good.
  4. Noxx


    Rams v Saints game was so [bleep]ing good.
  5. Noxx


    Same thing here. Some burger joint near where i live. We were the only ones there, but the food was amazing at least.
  6. Noxx


    I don't think i've ever really had one break on me. My problem is usually forgetting to pack them (or the right one) when i go somewhere, so i end up having to buy a new one. I have like 5 or 6 at home that have been used no more than a week.
  7. Noxx


    Laptop decided to give in on me few days ago. Thing the graphics card got [bleep]ed or something. Ended up buying an Acer Nitro 5. Seems like a pretty sweet deal. Gtx 1050 Ti, 8gb Ram, 256gb SSD, i5-8300. Pretty happy with it. Want to get an extra 2TB external to save games on and a new headset too.
  8. Noxx


    Sounds like the equivalent of diversion here. If you have no criminal record or any history of offence that can bite you in the ass, then that sounds good. I assume hiring a lawyer helped make that happen? Yeah he worked with the prosecutor to get me the offer. I'm really happy i ended up getting a lawyer because just being in that courtroom gave me so much anxiety. I don't know how i would have handled it if i didn't have someone to walk me through everything. I still find it kind of funny that i have to go to anger management. I don't think i've gotten angry or lost my temper like that at anything or anyone in at least half a decade before that night. It's cool though, after everything is done i'm gonna start looking at options to sue. My current lawyer said they might even be willing to take on the case.
  9. Noxx


    Had my court case yesterday. I was told that if i did 12 hours of Anger Management classes my case would get dismissed. Could be worse, i guess.
  10. Noxx


    I have zero self control it seems. Spent a juicy $350 on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Pretty much bought a ton of new clothes and shoes.
  11. Noxx


    I "dated" an older girl for a while. I'm not really sure what we were to be honest. Maybe we were just [bleep]buddies that went out together every now and then. I don't think we had any real issues because of our age gap. Mostly all of our issues came from our personalities clashing. She was extremely flaky. Would sometimes be impossible to make plans with her and even when you manage to make plans with her she sometimes just didn't even follow through. Sex was great, which is probably why i stuck around for as long as i did. Even when i was with her though, i never really gave much thought to age. I don't know if my surroundings and the past 10 years of my life has made me less concerned about age. I had/have a lot of friends who are anywhere from 6 years younger to 10 years older than i am. If someone isn't outright acting like a child, it's hard for me to really give any notice to their age. Girl game around again the other night. We had a conversation the day before about her wanting to take things slow because she didn't want to rush things, or do anything she might regret. She also told me about how she feels like she has a target on her back now that she's single again, and she's been getting hit on a lot more by guys that know she's single now. She told me she just wanted to hang out with someone and not fear that they're going to try make a move on her the whole time. So she came over, and i decided that i just would not initiate anything that night. I like hanging out with her. I don't want her to get the impression that i'm only after one thing. So we were watching a movie, and she kept moving a bit closer and closer till she was basically sitting with her head on my shoulder. When the credits started rolling she looked at me, kissed me, told me that she liked me, and just kept looking at me with a smile on her face. Not gonna lie, i melted a bit. So i feel like things are headed in the right direction. I think things are moving at a good pace. I think i tend to rush sex a bit too much sometimes, which is fine for some people, but not for me. I kind of have a hard time keeping emotions separate from sex. I'll sleep with a girl and develop feeling that really wasn't ever there. So i think for once i actually want to see how i feel about someone before i start rushing things in that direction.
  12. Noxx


    I don't know if you guys remember the girl i mentioned a few weeks ago. So long story... We started talking about 2 months ago or something. Maybe a bit longer than that, i really don't even remember anymore. After a few days of us talking i found out she had a boyfriend. We still continued talking, but it was mostly just friendly conversation here and there. One day i get a message from her boyfriend on IG saying something along the lines of "If you send [insert her name] one more creepy message, we're going to have problems. I'll come down there and settle it another way if you have a hard time understanding words. As if you have a chance anyway." (1. she lives right above me, 2. he obviously wanted to fight me). I just found it kind of humorous cause i don't think he realised how much older i am than him. But, not wanting to deal with the highschool drama, i stopped talking to her. About 3 weeks after that she randomly sent me a message one afternoon. We talked a bit, i told her i was actually surprised to hear from her, she explained to me that she dumped her boyfriend because he was being a douche and basically sending the same message he sent to me, to every other guy she was talking to (this included friends she knew from highschool, and people in her class she had to talk to for projects and such). Anyway, so i think she might be into me. We've hung out a few times over the last week. This afternoon she came over. We hung out a bit. Watched The Office a bit. I finally found my balls and decided to kiss her. Not even gonna lie, but the fact that she's 8 years younger than me never really even crossed my mind. I don't know if that makes me a perve or if that makes me normal, but she's hella cute and hella fun to hang out with. It's probably a generational thing, but apparently "guys don't talk to her the way i talk to her anymore". I don't think i've ever been called romantic, but apparently she thinks i'm very romantic. I don't know... after the shitty month i've had and how stressful things have been it's kinda nice that things are going my way with this.
  13. Noxx


    Only reason i waited as long as i did was because he was thinking about tryong to get the charges dropped, and i wanted to see if it was going to be possible. I don't want to spend money on a lawyer for no reason. And right now it's sort of money i don't have. Everything i had saved up is going towards my flying. So i'm pretty much broke. But now i really don't have much of a choice anyway.
  14. Noxx


    Today i finally decided that it's time to seriously start talking to a lawyer. I've been stalling, trying to see if we could settle this matter without having to get lawyers involved but i just don't think that's going to happen anymore. A few days after the event happened i spoke to the director of our school and she informed me that he was willing to try and drop the charges if i agreed not to sue. I ended up sending him a message a few days later telling him that if he went to the police and told them what actually happened that night and try and see what he could do about dropping the charges, we could both move on with our lives and pretend none of this ever happened (although i'm pretty sure he would have gotten in a lot of shit). I added that he was more than welcome to stop by the apartment and pick up his stuff whenever he wanted, all he has to do is let me know when so i can make sure there's someone there with me (just as a witness in case he tries to do any of his shit again). As i expected he never replied. He has too much pride. I decided to give him a few days though. Yesterday at school my instructor asked me how the whole situation is going, which i thought was kinda weird. Told him it's just been a bit frustrating, but i'm dealing with it. So he randomly asks me if i was drunk that night, which i thought was strange. I told him that i haven't had an alcoholic beverage in about 2 months, so no, i wasn't drunk. He told me that him and my roommate's instructors are friends, and my roommate obviously discussed the situation with his instructor, and then the two instructors talked about it. Long story short, apparently my roommate has been telling his instructor (and god knows how many other people) that i was drunk that night and that's the reason i got so aggressive with him. I'm pretty sure that's like the 3rd variation of the story i've heard now, which honestly is great news for me. I don't think this kid understands that the more he keeps talking and the more he keeps lying, the weaker his case gets against me because if i was drunk it would have been in the police report. I actually had to stop buying beer for myself because he kept on begging to buy him alcohol and when i refused he would steal my beer. So basically we went from him wanting to drop charges to him deciding he wanted to lie some more. I can't wait to see this kid in court.
  15. Noxx


    i know i don't have much grounds to sue on. I can maybe sue for lawyer costs, some money i spent on ubers getting around, some money i lost having to cancel flights, etc. I can maybe ever try the defamation and PTSD routes, but at the end of the day i know there's no real grounds to sue. But the thing is, he doesn't realize this. So i have to try and take advantage of this while i can. He hasn't spoken to lawyers yet, and i don't think he's going to either. His parents will have to pay for one, and i don't think he has the balls to tell his parents what happens. So as long as he thinks i have grounds to sue, the better it is for me. Speaking of, maybe someone here can help me out. So according to what i read, when it comes to family violence charges, it's up to the prosecutor whether or not the charges are dropped, even if he goes to the police telling them he wants to drop the charges. Having said that though, if he admits that he lied and fabricated the whole story, would that make a difference? Additionally, since these cases are generally involving like a boyfriend and girlfriend, or a spouse or whatever, and seeing as we're only roommates and we no longer live together, will this have any significant impact on him wanting to drop the charges?
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