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  1. I'm not sure if someone has logged on to my account and teleported to Al Kharid or if it was some sort of a random event? I remember shutting down my laptop and leaving the room without logging off, when I signed in I was at Al Kharid bank with fishing rod & minerals still in my invo and my slayer cape/hood was still on.
  2. I've looked around on both but there's nothing, not even a second level anywhere. Really weird.
  3. It says number of rooms: 3 But I only have a menagerie + portal/garden
  4. I deleted my whole house because I'm going to re-do it with a new house plan. I only have a menagerie and a garden (portal) yet it's saying I have 3 rooms in the house options. What's up with this? I have done 3-4 laps around the area and there's no room anywhere.
  5. Is there a better way then dropping them one by one?
  6. Fastest - Granite Easiest - Lava Flow Mine Granite is more work as you need to drop all the granite you mine, Lava Flow is AFK and you don't need to drop anything (do it on world 71 though).
  7. My goal is to go from 80 to 99 mining while depositing every ore. I'm a really lazy guy so I prefer not to bank for lava titan pouches or mining urns unless it's going to make a big difference. I have a few questions regarding xp/h 1. How much xp per hour will I get with no lava titan or mining urns? 2. How much of a difference will a lava titan make xp/h wise? 3. How much of a difference will mining urns make xp/h wise? Thanks.
  8. I'm maxed combat with overload and turmoil, just wondering if corp is a good money maker.
  9. From my experience I always get cleaned if I stay too long. I turned 100m into 500m once and still ended up getting cleaned. Is it possible to stay there long term without getting cleaned (while still making money)? I enjoy box staking but it always ends badly for me.
  10. Just wondering how the game is these days, I haven't played for a while. Is it worth returning?
  11. Does the pet stay with me or do I lose it?
  12. 1. Is it worth using melee player when tanking corp instead of mage? 2. When stunning the core am I meant to change gear or anything? Because with Karils, mith crossbow etc I failed to stun it like 10 times in a row then everyone got angry. 3. When stunning do I use leech mage+def or turmoil? Thanks.
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