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  1. Todays was a very long day. I started with tribal totem quest, then Back to my roots, then kenith concerns and finally watchtower quest. All these quest were needed for ardougne task. I did it from zero more or less, i had some taks done from random things I did didn't knowing that were for the task. Now I just need to kill my jade vine to finish hard task. With that i'll claim my hard and elite task together. I also get 91 smithing, this was from warbans and used on task for a elite request :)
  2. Yesterday I finish Roking out and also did Ritual of the mahjarrat, It gave me 240k div xp so that means 72 to 74 :)
  3. Rly nice blog bro rly nice quest points at your level, continue with the hard work ;)
  4. U can try to get a 99 with the rest of the skills at 1 or at the lvl they are now, i allways wanted to try that or go for quest cape with the minimun requirements, that will take you alot of time anyway and it shouldn't be short term. GL WITH YOUR GOALS :)
  5. Today I did 4 quest, i'm rly happy about that and also did WGS and got 66-72 Div from it! :D
  6. I was droping junk from my bank and i saw skoll bots or something like that and I was about to drop them but I saw that i could have some bxp. WTF!! Anyway i'm 99
  7. Yesterday I got 92 crafting, still working hard on it. Atm doing dragon bracelets, any tip for faster xp and not that much gp will help me :)
  8. Just got 99 Range. The last 200k xp I get it from waterfields, i did the other xp at frost and get about 20m+ with bones spent on craft :)
  9. Pretty nice bro, keep it up. Whats that of sailing?
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